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  • Ab'Dendriel — The elven city, located at the north-east on the main island. This city is known to be sort of a 'social city', where players often gather up to do stuff.
  • Ankrahmun — The Egyptian-themed city, located south on the island Darama. Contains many "Boss Monsters," also known as Pharaohs, which are a difficult challenge and part of a difficult quest.
  • Carlin — It is the second larges city in the world. It is famous because it is ruled only by women characters. It is located in the north-west on the main island.
  • Darashia — The desert city, located to the north of the island of Darama. It is the pearl of Darama.
  • Edron — A large city where special spells can be learned, located on the first premium account island of the same name.
  • Kazordoon - Situated in a huge, extinct volcano, the city of Kazordoon is the pride of the dwarven race, a miracle of science and of craftsmanship. Many generations of dwarven artisans and engineers have contributed to the creation of its beautiful halls and passageways, and countless mine workers have spent their lives extracting ore in order to help amassing the fabulous wealth that is hidden deep in the dwarven city. Kazordoon has many hunting places suitable for Knights.
  • Liberty Bay - Liberty Bay is the jewel of the South Seas. The prospering seaport is located on Vandura, the largest of the Shattered Isles, located west of Tiquanda. In no other Tibian city the poor and the rich live so close together and nowhere else is the difference between the classes so striking. In the southern part of the city, the people live in ramshackle huts and rest their weary heads on straw mats after a hard day's work on the plantations. In contrast, the stately homes of the aristocracy that resides in the North are splendid and luxurious.
  • Port Hope - The colony of Port Hope is one of the newer acquisitions of the Thaian Kingdom. After Port Hope was founded as a small camp on the new continent, it was soon found out that the jungle of Tiquanda was rich on valuable resources. It is one of the last "Pacc Cities" which means that only players with premium account can visit this location. Tiquanda, which is the name of the island where port hope lies, has many hunting places suitable for the Paladin.
  • Rookgaard - Rookgaard is the name of a large island and a town on the island where characters start out. Once they reach level eight, they are allowed to travel to the "mainland" and choose a vocation. Characters cannot attack each other on the island, and there are even people who stay and level up beyond eight, called Rookguardians.
  • Thais - Thais is the oldest city in Tibia. Due to its long history and to the fact that King Tibianus III resides there, the Thaians consider their city to be the capital of the realm, even though this has never been officially confirmed by the king.
  • Venore — It is a bustling merchant city situated deep in the eastern marshlands. Venore lies in the middle of a huge swamp, the smartest free account players knows places somewhere in the swamp where no-one ever hunts.