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Box artwork for Tommy Lasorda Baseball.
Box artwork for Tommy Lasorda Baseball.
Tommy Lasorda Baseball
Year released1989
System(s)Sega Genesis
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Tommy Lasorda Baseball, released in Japan and Europe as Super League (スーパーリーグ?), is a baseball game developed and published by Sega in 1989 for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis around the world. When it was published in North America, it was one of six launch titles for the Sega Genesis.

Tommy Lasorda personally endorsed this video game; at the time he was the manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The game is not licensed by any professional baseball league, making all team and player names fictional. Game modes include single game exhibitions and a 30-game season mode. A pre-game difficulty switch makes the game biased either towards the pitcher, batter, or an equal game of skill between pitcher and batter.

Tommy Lasorda Baseball featured the traditional 1st/2nd person pitching and hitting perspective, as well as top-down fielding and defense. Appearing on the market alongside the Sega Genesis, Tommy Lasorda contained all 28 (at the time) major league ball clubs. All teams were actually trademarked and copyright safe facsimiles of real clubs, as this was before professional league licensing was considered de rigueur for a sports game. With full 25-man rosters and password enabled season progress, players had to manage their club effectively to win the world series.


  • Hitting: Use Neutral dpad to move around, A button to bunt, and C button to swing.
  • Running: Use Neutral dpad to point to base base the player will move: Right dpad 1st Base, Up dpad 2nd Base, Left dpad 3rd Base, Down dpad 4rd Base. When a player arrives at a base you need to press B button + the next base direction to make him move to next base. If you want to return into a base press C button + the previous base direction.
  • Steal Base: If you have a player in other base, while you wait to the pitcher to throw you can point towards next base. If you are in base 1 you can start press B button+Up dpad and you will see your player from 1st base approaching carefully to 2nd base. If you do this when the pitcher starts the pitch you will probably succeed.
  • Pitching: Use Left dpad and Right dpad to move around and C button to pitch.
  • Pitching Styles: After pressing C button to throw the ball;
    • To throw a Curve press Right dpad.
    • To throw a Slider press Left dpad.
    • To throw a Change-Up press Up dpad.
    • To throw a Slow Slider press Up dpad and then Left dpad.
    • To throw a Slow Curve press Up dpad and then Right dpad.
  • Defense Pitching: When you are the pitcher you can pick off other players that attempt to steal bases. Press B button and then if you want to throw to a base press C button + direction of the base. If you want to eliminate by tagging the player, press B button + direction of the base they're running to.
  • Field: Use Neutral dpad to move the player. When you catch the ball you can throw to a base pressing C button + direction of base, or you can try to eliminate by tag using B button + direction of base.

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