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This is the first game in the Tsuppari Oozumou series. For other games in the series see the Tsuppari Oozumou category.

Box artwork for Tsuppari Oozumou.
Box artwork for Tsuppari Oozumou.
Tsuppari Oozumou
Year released1987
System(s)NES, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Followed byTsuppari Oozumou: Heisei Ban
SeriesTsuppari Oozumou
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Rating(s)CERO All ages
LinksTsuppari Oozumou at
Tsuppari Oozumou ChannelSearchSearch

Tsuppari Oozumou (つっぱり大相撲 lit. Bumping Sumo?) is the first game in a very small series of Sumo Wrestling simulations developed by Tecmo. It was first created for the Famicom and published in 1987. In the game, you create your own sumo wrestler, and then train him and compete with him through several tournaments on a quest to achieve the rank of Yokozuna, or Sumo Grand Champion. The game was only published in Japan, and has never been translated into other languages. It was remade with better graphics for the PC Engine as Tsuppari Oozumou: Heisei Ban. In 2007, it was released as a Virtual Console title for the Wii.

Getting started[edit]

From the title screen, you can select from three options:

Japanese Romanji Translation
はじめる Hajimeru New Game
つづき Tsuzuki Continue
たいせん Taisen Battle

New Game[edit]

When you begin a new game, you give your sumo wrestler a name and he begins the game with the lowest rank. Your goal is to compete against higher ranking sumo wrestlers and rise up in rank until you earn the highest rank of yokozuna.

Press Select to see the status screen

Just before the match begins, you can press Select button to see the status of your wrestler. From right to left, the following information is provided:

Status Description
Name The name you have chosen for your wrestler
Ranking Your current ranking in the matches
Career stats How many matches you've won and how many you've lost.
Championships The number of times you've defeated a champion sumo.
Level Your strength and defense increase with each level. Win frequently to earn higher levels.
Password The writing along the left side of the status is your continuation password.

Tournaments progress from one match to the next. If you ever increase your level, you are shown eating and preparing for the next match. After an entire tournament has been completed, you are shown your new rank.


If you want to take a break from the game, you can call up the status screen before the next match and jot down your password. Then when you return to the game, select continue and input that password to pick up where you left off.


You can compete against a friend by choosing the Battle option. In this mode, you must each choose from among four stables of sumo wrestlers. Then you select one fighter from each stable to compete. The loser's sumo is knocked out of competition and the tournament continues until one player has no more wrestlers to compete with.


During the match, you can employ a variety of moves against your opponent. The most important moment of the fight is the initial charge when the referee begins the match. A successful charge against your opponent can send the momentum of the match in your favor.

Charge with B button Charge with A button

Press the B button to charge your opponent regularly. This won't hurt your opponent, but it will set you up well to dominate the beginning of the fight.

Press the A button to charge at your opponent with a head dash. This can damage your opponent if it succeeds, but it makes your more susceptible to counter attacks if it fails.

Once the charge is finished, each wrestler must try to use their strength to force the other wrestler off his feet or out of the ring. When the wrestlers are close to one another, these are the different commands you can try.

Grab with B button Push with A button

Approach your opponent while pressing the B button to grab onto him. If your opponent is weak, you can begin to push him out of the ring.

To get away from your opponent and recover, you must push the A button to shove him away. If his grip is strong, you will be unable to get away, and must weaken him up first.

Lift with Up dpad+B button Flip with Back +B button

While you grab your opponent, you can lift them off the ground by holding up and pushing B, making it harder for them to resist your pushing. This is slow and effective, but it takes a lot of strength.

If your opponent is pushing you closer to the edge, you can try to turn the tables on them by flipping them around. Do this by pressing backwards (the opposite direction that your wrestler is facing) and pressing B.

If you or your opponent successfully push off one another, you will be momentarily separated. While you stand apart, you can also perform the following moves.

Approach Dash with Forward +A button

While standing apart, you can approach your opponent at regular speed by pushing the control pad towards you opponent. You can actually move in any direction around the ring using the control pad, including up and down.

If you press towards the opponent and tap the A button while you are separated, you will dash towards you opponent and push them back with you momentum.

Slap with B button Slap down with Down dpad+B button

Simply tap the B button to execute a stunning hand slap attack. This can weaken your opponent and earn you back health, but it leaves you open to counter attack.

If an opponent is dashing towards you, you can use their momentum against them by pressing down and the B button. This will slap the opponent on the back and force them to lose control.

Special finishing moves are also available by performing certain actions at the right time. They are generally available to you when your health meter is flashing.