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This level begins in a dark city with heavily-armed police having sealed off numerous areas. These police essentially serve as 'walls' blocking the player's progress, since they are immune to all weapons the player should have by that point (they are vulnerable to the PSG) and their weapons are extremely powerful. Danielle receives her grappling hook and uses it to swing across the rooftops, while Joseph gets his Night Vision Goggles to navigate a series of deadly laser beams inside a museum.

The objective of the mission is to reach the top of a skyscraper seen at the beginning where a 'breach' between our world and Oblivion's world has formed; the player is initially prevented from doing so as a gunship crashes through the walkway connecting the two buildings. At the end of the level, a cutscene shows two police gunships flying close to the breach; one is destroyed by giant tentacles while the other is captured and turned into the level's boss. It mutates, having grown tentacles and a large tooth-filled mouth.

Following the defeat of the Oblivion Gunship, Danielle and Joseph head through the portal to the next level.