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GameCube PlayStation Action
Neutral control Neutral lstick Move character
A button Cross button Jump (Hold longer for higher jumps)
B button Circle button Attack; block (press at the same time as the opponent to block)


PlayStation 2 GameCube Xbox PC Description
Neutral lstick Neutral control Neutral lstick PC Mouse.png Move cursor in menus
  • Move Jade
  • Steer vehicle
Neutral rstick Neutral cstick Neutral rstick PC Mouse.png Control camera
W/A/S/D/PC Mouse Wheel Neutral.png Zoom in first-person view
Start button Start button Start button Esc Pause/Subscreen menu
Select button Back button Tab
  • View map
  • Read e-mails
Cross button A button A button PC Mouse Left Click.png
  • Action button
  • Attack
  • Shoot (in vehicle)
  • Confirm menu choice
Square button B button X button PC Mouse Right Click.png
  • Roll
  • Evade
  • Vehicle jump
  • Attach and detach vehicles
  • Go back in menus
Triangle button Y button B button E
  • Companion button
  • Vehicle compass
Circle button X button Black button Q Use item
Space View item information in menus
R2 button R button RT button
  • Run
  • Vehicle acceleration
L1 button or L2 button L button LT button Ctrl
  • Crouch
  • Vehicle brakes
R1 button Z button Y button Shift
  • First-person view
R3 button N/A R button C Re-center camera
Left dpad/Right dpad Left dpad/Right dpad Left dpad/Right dpad / Switch items
Up dpad/Down dpad Up dpad/Down dpad Up dpad/Down dpad  ↑ / ↓  Switch companions
N/A N/A N/A Alt+F4 Exit game