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Wario's Woods gameplay

Toad, the player's avatar in the game, has to arrange these monsters and bombs to stop Wario from taking control of the forest. Unlike most other Tetris clones, the player controls a character who moves the already fallen objects, rather than manipulating objects as they fall. Toad can pick up individual blocks or entire columns of blocks and move them elsewhere. The object of the game, as in most Tetris clones, is to clear the player's screen of blocks. This is accomplished by arranging creatures and bombs of the same color in horizontal, diagonal or vertical rows of three or more blocks. Clearing four objects at once lowers your opponent's screen by one row.

Combos[edit | edit source]

A combo is defined by the game as when the destruction of one row results in another row being destroyed. When this occurs the opponent receive a column of same-color creatures extending to his ceiling. For each consecutive row that is cleared because of previous rows clearing, your opponent receives a full column of critters for each combo you achieve. These full columns can often be easily cleared with a single bomb, and usually lead to diamonds for your opponent (see below). When playing with creatures that can only be destroyed diagonally, this move becomes very powerful.

Diamond[edit | edit source]

There are a number of built in bonuses/powerups that prove helpful in defeating your opponent. As with many other falling block games, there are a number of ways to send your opponent extra blocks. First, a diamond appears on your screen any time you clear a row/column/diagonal of five or more blocks. A diamond can be any color and is not related to the color of the row you cleared to obtain it. Use the diamond as you would any other bomb as you clear another row. When you clear a row containing a diamond all of your stationary creatures that are the same color as the diamond are destroyed. At the same time all of your opponent's stationary bombs turn into critters. This severely limits your opponent's ability to clear his screen. In addition, getting diamonds lowers your opponent's ceiling by two rows, hence making his screen smaller and more difficult to negotiate.

Breakfast[edit | edit source]

Another good attack is to clear multiple rows/columns/diagonals at once with one bomb. The game says "breakfast" when this occurs. You can achieve a two or a three way breakfast. A two way breakfast occurs when you clear two directions at once, say, a row and a column of three or more blocks. A three way breakfast occurs when you clear a row, column and diagonal all at once. When you achieve a breakfast, your opponent will receive a falling egg, which hatches into a critter once it hits the ground. Note a three way breakfast will send two eggs instead of one. When the egg hatches, an additional row of critters of one color will rain on your opponent. A player can prevent this by picking up the egg and jumping to the top of the pile by pressing Y Button or Up Dpad, note that these rows are generally much harder to clear than columns, because they fall onto the uneven terrain of existing blocks. This strategy would be effective were it not so easy to prevent eggs from hatching.