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Display Parts[edit]

Display parts all have one input and show it in some way.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Light Bulb N/A The light bulb shows the input as a boolean value.
Color Mixer N/A The color mixer takes three inputs and displays the color when interpreting them as RGB.
Strip Chart N/A The strip chart plots a numerical input over time. It has a boolean reset input.
Graphic Projector N/A The graphic projector shows an image from one of six image sequences based on the input number.
Three-digit Display N/A The three-digit display displays an integer in the range of -99 to 999.
Ten-digit Display N/A The ten-digit display displays a number, using scientific notation if necessary.

Timer Parts[edit]

Timer parts work with time in various ways.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Digital Clock N/A The digital clock outputs a part of the current time.
Stopwatch The stopwatch measures time between a start input and a stop input and can be reset with a third input.
Metronome N/A The metronome outputs a boolean pulse every so often.

Sound Parts[edit]

Sound parts specialize in working with sound in various ways.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Sound Switch N/A The sound switch outputs a boolean value when it detects audio from the computer mic.
Animal Sounds The animal sounds part outputs a sound clip when given an input.
Assorted sounds The assorted sounds part outputs a sound clip when given an input.
Speaker N/A The speaker is required to actually hear sounds. Feed it a sound clip to play it or a number to hear a sine wave with the frequency equal to the number.
Tuning Fork The tuning fork part outputs a sound clip when given an input.
Recorder The tuning fork part outputs an user provided sound clip when given an input.
Sound Transformer The sound transformer will apply an effect to a sound.

Number Parts[edit]

Number parts provide numerical inputs, simple computation, statistical computation, randomness, comparisons, math functions and boolean algebra.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Numeric Key Pad N/A Lets the user enter a number with a numerical keypad that will then be output.
Three-digit Number N/A Lets the user enter a number using steppers.
Counter Tracks how many times its been sent an input of some kind.
Mini Three-digit Number N/A Outputs a set number.
Slider N/A Lets the user pick a number in a set range using a slider.
Adder Adds two values together.
Subtractor Subtracts one value from another.
Multiplier Multiplies two values together.
Dividor Divides one value with another.
Coin Toss Outputs a random boolean value when given an input.
Random Number Generator Outputs a random integer value in a set range when given an input.
Totaller Tracks all input values and outputs one of several statistical measurements.
Comparer Compares two numerical values against each other using a set operator.
Math functions Computers a single variable math function
Area/Volume Computers a single variable geometry function.
Conversion Converts a value in one unit to another.
And Gate Computes boolean And.
Or Gate Computers boolean Or.
Xor Gate Computers boolean Xor.
Not Gate Computes the boolean inverse of its input.

Switch Parts[edit]

Switch parts provide basic buttons, but also signal routing parts.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Light Switch N/A The light switch outputs a selected boolean value.
Key Press N/A The key press outputs a boolean value while a set keyboard key is down.
Mouse Button N/A The mouse button outputs a boolean value corresponding to the left mouse button.
Mouse Distance Measurer N/A The mouse distance measurer tracks the distance the mouse moves while the left mouse button is held.
Dynamite Plunger N/A The dynamite plunger outputs a true boolean value when clicked on.
Switcher The switcher outputs one of its inputs depending on a third input.
Two way splitter The splitters duplicate the input signal and output it on all of their outputs
Three way splitter
Four way splitter

Text Parts[edit]

Many text parts are just stickers that show a preset image, but three are user customizable.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Label N/A N/A The label part just shows a static piece of text.
Message List N/A The message list displays one of four set text lines based on the input number.
Billboard N/A The billboard displays a preset message when its input is true.

Super Parts[edit]

Super parts are the wildcards, doing anything they feel like.

Part Inputs Outputs Description
Win/Lose Checker N/A Ends the execution of the invention when it receives a matching value.
Pendulum Simulates a pendulum when it gets an input and outputs either the period length or a boolean pulse when the pendulum passes the center point.
Gravity Chamber Simulates dropping an object when it gets an input and outputs a boolean when the object hits the ground.
Cannon Simulates a ballistic trajectory when it gets an input and outputs either a boolean value for when the object hits the ground or one of three numerical parameters.
Heart N/A Simulates a pulsing heart. It either outputs a boolean pulse as it beats or a numerical constant.
Solar system N/A Outputs one of several constants relating to one of the nine planets.