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The first Willow video game consists of five mini-games. Instead of a menu, they are accessed clicking on keywords from a summary of the plot.

The dungeons of Nockmaar castle[edit]

Willow minigame1.png

Nockmaar woods[edit]

Willow minigame2.png

Escape through the ice caves[edit]

Willow minigame3.png

To battle![edit]

Willow minigame4.png


Willow minigame5.png

Text transcript: Fin Raziel tutors Willow in sorcery. He must choose the three magical symbols which will turn Fin Raziel into a raven, a goat, then a human, but a wrong choice can spell disaster, or worse, it can be deadly...


First, individuate three runes that allow to perform one transformation: they will turn Fin Raziel into a monster; then, find the correct order for those three runes. Repeat for the other two transformations.

The solution is randomly generated every time WILLOW.EXE is started, but at least it remains fixed until you turn off the computer.