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Name STR Description
Short Sword 20 A small practice sword. Not suitable for heavy combat.
Long Sword 34 A long-bladed steel sword favored by many swordsmen.
Broad Sword 48 A sleek one-handed blade with powerful runes etched upon it.
Banded Slayer 62 A menacing hatchet-like weapon pieced together by a madman.
Battle Saber 76 Infused with fire. Supposedly able to cleave through rock.
Brave Sword 90 The fabled holy sword once wielded by Genos himself.


Name DEF Description
Wooden Shield 6 Wood with metal trim. Deflects lightweight attacks very well.
Small Shield 12 A sturdy steel shield limited only by its diminutive size.
Large Shield 18 Large enough to cover one's entire torso.
Banded Shield 24 Forged by various and sundry materials. By a madman.
Battle Shield 30 Baptized by fire and resistant to scratches. Looks brand new.
Raval Shield 36 A shield made of undamaged raval. Adonis' magnum opus.


Name DEF Description
Leather Armor 8 Basic armor made of animal hides. Better than nothing!
Chain Mail 16 Chain mail reinforced with metal plates. Very well-made.
Plate Mail 24 Forged from solid sheets of metal. Extremely sturdy.
Banded Mail 32 Cobbled together by a madman from the clothes of the dead.
Battle Armor 40 Imbued with the power of fire. Makes you the envy of all men.
Raval Armor 48 The strongest armor. Protects against even the heaviest hit.


Name Description
Firewyrm's Amulet Scale from a firewyrm. Allows its wearer to wade through shallow lava unharmed.
Nightfire Gem Give to you by Aida. Emits a bright light, and can reveal any object's true nature.
Stone Shoes Very heavy shoes designed to retain traction on even the slipperiest of surfaces.
Spirit Cape Threaded with the essence of the soul. Gradually heals wounds, but only when resting.
Silver Chimes A cluster of chimes said to guide the restless souls of immortals to eternal slumber.
Spirit Necklace Wrought in the shape of a winged goddess. Fully revives its wearer, but only once.


Name Description
Ingis Bracelet Adorned with a large ruby. Grants the ability to shoot massive fireballs.
Ventus Bracelet Adorned with a large emerald. Grants the ability to whirl through the air like a discus.
Terra Bracelet Adorned with a large topaz. Grants the ability to body-slam at impossible speeds.