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Hedge maze[edit]

The Mad Monster Mansion hedge maze.

The hedge maze is located to the left. You will need to enter it at least once to collect any notes or tokens located in the maze.

The ghostly enemies in the maze are invincible to normal attacks. They can be dodged by rolling under them, or you can use Wonderwing to defeat them.


  1. Go around the haunted house to a cellar, then use Kazooie's Rock-breaker attack (A button+L button or R button) on the celler door to break in. There's a ghost in the cellar, so use the Indestructible move that Bottles taught Kazooie (L button or R button+Right control) to destroy the ghost (gold feathers needed). Go to the last barrel on the left and use the punch attack to break the barrel open, and collect the jiggy.
  2. Go all the way to the top of the roof, use the super-jump pad to go into the chimney, and you'll end up in the dining room's fireplace. Touching the wooden floor will cause the floorboards to creak, waking up the ghost that's protecting the Jiggy. To prevent this, jump onto the chairs, and then onto the table. Grab the jiggy while Napper is still asleep.
  3. A shed is behind the manor. Use the punch attack, or the peck attack (A button+X button or just X button) by the door to break it open. Jump onto the glass that has the jiggy, move the glass around to get the letters BANJOKAZOOIE, but be careful: there's a moving ghost that'll knock you off. Touching the red witch squares will cause you to lose a part of your energy. The glass will disappear once you finish the phrase.
  4. After entering go to your right to a swamp like area. Make sure you have opened the gate(s) by attacking the lock (jumping and pressing the attack button), leading to a church. Proceed up winding stairs till you see the clock switch. Bust it then grab the speedy shoes and head toward the mansion. Once there go to the back and jump onto the organ. Follow the hand playing and get the Jiggy.
  5. Look for a well beyond the mansion's shed and jump inside. Look into the bucket and at the bottom is the jiggie. An easier method is to turn into a pumpkin, and enter by a hole next to the bottom of the well. The puzzle piece will be in the same place.
  6. Go to the cemetery and you will see many yellow pots. Fill each one with an egg to get a puzzle piece.
  7. While in the cemetery jump onto the roof of the church. Enter the clock by jumping towards the steeple and circling around outside it, and use the shock jump pad to reach the top. Climb the pole and jump into the air to get the jiggy.
  8. Make sure all glass windows on the house are broken. Once ready, collect at least 20 mumbo tokens, and change into the pumpkin form; to reach the hut, do a backflip near the broken part of the wall. Find a small opening between the church graveyard and maze and enter it. Climb the hedge ramp and reach the roof of the mansion Enter the window on the far side, and jump into the toilet. It swirls you down where you can get your puzzle piece. Exit the toilet by the same route you entered.
  9. As a pumpkin, find the storm drain on the front and right of the mansion and fall in it. You will collect the jiggy on the downward trip.
  10. Collect every Jinjo (see below)


  • Purple: Inside a barrel in the cellar.
  • Red: Run through the maze.
  • Blue: In The middle of the pond, reachable by shock jumping.
  • Yellow: Go on to the roof all the way to the top then break one of the biggest windows. Use the spring jump pad to get to the top of the bed.
  • Green: On the roof of the house.


  • 4 at start
  • In the hedge maze:
    • 2 on the left
    • 2 on the right, left of the gate
    • 2 in the middle
  • 4 along pool
  • 4 on pews within the church
  • 2 on organ pedals
  • 4 on organ pipes
  • 3 left of back building
  • 4 on building at the back
  • 4 in back building
  • 4 surrounding well
  • 7 inside well
  • 8 in the front room, on the chairs
  • 4 in the wine cellar
  • 4 on the lower roof
  • 4 on upper roof
  • 9 in upper front room
  • 4 in upper back bedroom
  • 10 on church roof
  • 4 on church steeple
  • 2 in Mumbo's hut
  • 5 in the barrel (requires pumpkin form)

Mumbo Tokens[edit]

  1. One in far side of hedge maze
  2. One in alcove near pool
  3. Behind a gravestone
  4. One on organ's seat
  5. One at the top of the church
  6. One on building at the back
  7. Inside the well
  8. One in the wine cellar, next to the jiggy
  9. One in isolated section of hedge maze
  10. One in the church clock
  11. Under a whipping tree(near button that opens the church door

Stop'n'Swop Cyan Egg[edit]

To get this egg, you must enter "CHEAT DONT YOU GO AND TELL HER ABOUT THE SECRET IN HER CELLAR" on the floor of the sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove. If you have defeated Grunty in Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, you do not have to use this code.

  • This egg can be found in the wine cellar, in a barrel labeled 1881. It will open when you input the code above, or if you've defeated Grunty as previously mentioned, you may use the beak barge to open the barrel.

Stop'n'Swop Green Egg[edit]

To get this egg, you must enter the following code into the sandcastle floor in Treasure Trove Cove. "CHEAT AMIDST THE HAUNTED GLOOM A SECRET IN THE BATHROOM" This code will not work unless you have already collected all 100 jiggies. If you have defeated Grunty in Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, this code isn't necessary.

  • This egg can be found in the bathroom, on Loggo the toilet.

Empty honeycombs[edit]

  • In the church, climb to the top of the organ, and look at the left sconce. Jump on it, and fly to the top.
  • As a pumpkin, enter the small gap between the cathedral and isolated section of the hedge maze. Climb up the ramp, and head onto the roof of the mansion. Enter the window on the left side, and crawl under the broken floor.

Gruntilda pad[edit]

The Gruntilda pad is located in the church. You can reach it by jumping to the sconce on the left and flying to the top of the room. It creates a jiggy in the eye of Gruntilda's face.