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Dresspheres, often shortened to "spheres", are the key of the job system in Final Fantasy X-2. Each character must have one and only one active sphere at all times. Which sphere is active can be changed any time (though in battle, changing a character's active sphere takes up their turn).

Dresspheres are not equipped directly, but placed in Garment Grids which are equipped directly. The character will then have access to all of the dresspheres in the equipped Garment Grid.

New dresspheres are acquired throughout the game's storyline. Below is a quick reference guide on how to get all of them and each sphere’s general use or theme.

Dressphere Use* How to obtain
Alchemist Clasko will give it to you during the Chocobo sidequest.
Berserker Complete the travel agency sidequest in Chapter 3.
Black Mage Offensive spells Shinra will give it to you after the floating ruins mission at Mt Gagazet.
Cait Sith  ???
Dark Knight Available in bevelle underground.
Floral Fallal  ???
Full Throttle  ???
Gun Mage At moonflow after finishing the Guard the Hypello mission in Chapter 1 or by selling 6 tickets in Chapter 2.
Gunner When Yuna joins the party.
Lady Luck Beat Shinra at the sphere break tournament.
Machina Maw  ???
Moogle  ???
Samurai In Kilika Temple.
Songstress After you take back you garment grid.
Thief  ???
Tonberry  ???
Trainer  ???
Warrior  ???
White Mage Healing/defensive spells  ???

* For more in depth details on each specific dressphere refer to their specific guides which are linked in the table.

How to use this guide[edit]


Alchemist [1] Received as an award from Clasko during the Chocobo sidequest [2]

Attributes [3]
HP 1 MP 1
Strength 2 Magic 1
Defence 2 Magic Def. 1
Agility 3 Accuracy 4
Evasion 1 Luck 3


  • Attack
  • Mix
  • Stash
  • Items
Name [5] AP [6] MP [7] Description [8] Requirements [9]
Attack 0 0 Attack one enemy. None
Mix 0 0 Combine 2 items for results None
Potion 10 0 Use a "stashed" potion[a 1] None
Hi-Potion 40 0 Use a "stashed" Hi-Potion[a 1] Potion
Mega-Potion 120 0 Use a "stashed" Mega-Potion[a 1] Hi-Potion
X-Potion 160 0 Use a "stashed" X-potion[a 1] Mega-Potion
Remedy 20 0 Use a "stashed" Remedy[a 1] None
Dispel Tonic 20 0 Use a "stashed" Dispel Tonic[a 1] Remedy
Phoenix Down 30 0 Use a "stashed" Phoenix Down[a 1] None
Mega Phoenix 200 0 Use a "stashed" Mega-Phoenix[a 1] Phoenix Down
Ether 400 0 Use a "stashed" Ether[a 1] Dispel Tonic
Elixir 999 0 Use a "stashed" Elixir[a 1] Ether
Items Level 2 30 0 Doubles potency of items[a 2] None
Chemist 40 0 Doubles potency of recovery[a 2] None
Elementalist 80 0 Doubles potency of elements[a 2] None
Physicist 100 0 Doubles non-elementals[a 2] Chemist+ Elementalist
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8 1.9 "stashed" Item appears for use without lowering amount of items in your possession
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Does not apply to stash


What this means[edit]

  1. The name of the dressphere.
  2. How the dressphere can be obtained.
  3. Attributes. Out of 5 for each attribute. In this case the wearer's Max HP, Magic, Magic Defence, max MP and Evasion are lowered, but accuracy is fairly high.
  4. What commands are listed in battle.
  5. The name of the ability.
  6. AP required to learn the skill.
  7. MP cost to use.
  8. What the ability does.
  9. What other abilities must have been learned in order to learn this ability. Sometimes items are needed.
  10. Special "terms of use" that apply to some abilities.