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Search the cabin for any items you may have missed, and go outside. Walk around the cabin to find Handgun and TMP Ammo, and visit the Merchant. There are no new upgrades available, so just upgrade anything you haven't already, grab the document on the table, and save. The device ahead has a lever that will open either the left or right doors, depending on which one you choose.

Barrier Station (Left Path)[edit]

Shoot the barrels on the wagon ahead to take out the enemies waiting ahead, and deal with a few more around the corner. Move down the narrow passage and knife the barrel to get some Handgun Ammo. Take care of the enemy on the above level, then climb up and command Ashley to hide in the red container. Deal with the enemies on the upper level, and knife the barrel to obtain a Green Herb. Drop off the south ladder, knife the barrel to find TMP Ammo, grab the Shotgun Shells from the mine cart, and smash the barrel behind it to get a Red Herb. Climb back up the ladder, and drop into the circular pit to trigger a short scene showing the enemies you need to kill to get out of here. Let both chainsaw women drop into the pit, then blast them with the Shotgun to knock them to the ground. Climb the ladder to get out of the pit, knock down the ladder, and take up a position on the narrow platform near the container where you hid Ashley. Let the enemies funnel toward you, and blast them with the Shotgun when they're close enough. Once everyone is dead, grab the Camp Key and the Ruby from the bodies of the chainsaw sisters, and use the key to unlock the door in the pit. Break the barrel in the corner for Handgun Ammo, whistle for Ashley to come along, and head into the next area. Smash the crate around the corner to get Handgun Ammo, then enter the building to the right and drop through the hatch into the cellar. Grab the Hand Grenade and Handgun Ammo, then climb back up. Knife the boards on the window to the south, move through the narrow passage, and smash the two barrels at the end for a Flash Grenade and a Red Gem for the Elegant Mask. Head back to the main room, and move through the fortification until you reach the end of the aisle. Have Ashley hide in the nearby container, then toss a grenade to clear the crowd. If the flow gets too heavy, fall back through the fortifications, throwing grenades or using the TMP to take them out. When the enemies stop coming, head back to the exit, take out any stragglers, and smash the barrel to find Handgun Ammo. Call Ashley over, unbar the gate, and exit the area.

Ravine (Right Path)[edit]

Move forward to trigger a scene. You have two options here: Run or Fight.

  • If you are running — If you'd like to get through this area without expending too much ammo, start by shooting the wooden platform under the boulder when the Gigante walks under it to slow him down, then turn around and use the TMP to shoot the chains off the door. Run through the central area, enter the second shack, and grab the Old Key. Exit the shack, and shoot the chains off the second door. Run through the doorway, and use the key to unlock the exit doors.
  • If you are fighting — If you want to claim the reward for killing this Gigante, keep the fight contained in this first area, if you can. Shoot the wooden platform under the boulder to stun him, then fire on him with the TMP. When he recovers, throw a Flash Grenade, and continue firing on him with the TMP. When he exposes his parasite, command Ashley to wait, then run up and slash the parasite. Continue this strategy to defeat this Gigante, but be wary when the creature is in its' death throes; either back up, or press to dodge buttons the get out of the way when he falls. Collect your reward, and blast the chains off the door. Grab the items from the shacks, shoot the Purple Gem out of the hanging bucket, and grab the Old Key from the second shack. Shoot the chains off the second door, and use the key to unlock the exit doors.


Enter the cabin to the south of the Merchant, read the document inside, and open the locker in the back of the room to find Rifle Ammo. Save, then go outside and grab the Handgun Ammo from the trashcans. Visit the Merchant, and smash the barrel for Handgun Ammo. Head over and examine the large green doors. You need something to activate the retinal scanner and open the gate. Move up the slope to the gondola, and smash the barrel for Handgun Ammo. Board the lift, but watch out for the weapon-throwing enemies that attack you on lifts of their own and from a platform on the right. One shot from any weapon will knock them off, but the TMP works best. When you disembark, enter the control booth and open the two lockers for Handgun Ammo and a Flash Grenade. Exit the booth and go down the first flight of stairs, and head for the nearby cave. Command Ashley to wait near the entrance, and shoot the dynamite in the enemy's' hand before he has a chance to throw it. Climb the ladder, and take out the lone enemy here. Open the chest in the back to find a Yellow Catseye, the final gem for the Beerstein. Drop back down, command Ashley to follow, and head down the next flight of stairs. Save, tune up weapons at the Merchant as much as possible, and grab the Shotgun Shells, TMP Ammo, and Handgun Ammo from the boxes. Head down the path and open the doors.

Torture Shed[edit]

Move down the path, and approach the shed. Be ready for a dodge moment during the cutscene, and get ready for a Boss Battle!

Boss: Bitores Mendez/Village Chief[edit]

The Chief's first form can be easily brought down with Incendiary Grenades, but his next form is a bit tricky. Climb the ladder to the upper level, and blast the Chief with the Shotgun when he gets close. You can also try staying on the ground floor and spraying him with the TMP while he's swinging around. Eventually, he'll drop to the ground and die, and you can claim your reward. Search the entire shed for items, and shoot the red barrel to get a Spinel. Grab the Chief's False Eye, and jump through the hole in the wall. Head back up the path and exit through the doors.


Board the lift and ride it to the other side, then use the eye to unlock the gate.

Castle Entrance[edit]

Take the Handgun Ammo from the boxes on the right, and move forward to trigger a scene. Shoot the driver, and back up to avoid the vehicle when it rolls over. When you pass the truck, a horde of villagers will pour out of the back. Use the TMP to spray their legs, and throw a grenade to wipe most or all of them out. Take out any survivors, pick up anything they drop, and grab the Pesetas from the back of the truck. Keep moving up the path, and smash the barrels on the right for Handgun Ammo and a Velvet Blue. head toward the drawbridge to trigger a cutscene and end the chapter.