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Ace Combat 6 includes 4 default multiplayer modes: Battle Royale, Siege Battle, Team Battle, and Co-Op Battle.

Battle Royale[edit]

Basic Deathmatch game mode, up to sixteen players shoot each other down to earn points, highest points by the time limit wins.

Team Battle[edit]

In Team Battle, a basic Team Deathmatch game is created, with a couple of changes:

  • The teams don't have to be even. Up to 16 players can join, but one team can have up to 15 members.
  • Points are awarded based on the type of aircraft destroyed.

Siege Battle[edit]

A unique type of multiplayer game, Siege Battle is played with two teams, Attacking and Defending. The Attacking team attempts to destroy the target (usually heavily defended by flak) within the time limit. The Defending team tries to halt their attack.

Co-op Battle[edit]

The co-op battle mode consist of two singleplayer missions without AI that can be played with up to three other players.