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The story is seen from various viewpoints which are tied together through the cinematic narratives presented in between each mission. They focus on the war from several perspectives:

  • Lt. Colonel Voychek — an officer in the Estovakian Air Force; former ace pilot now assigned to the occupation in Gracemeria as an intelligence officer.
  • Lt. Commander Ilya Pasternak — newly assigned lead ace tasked with destroying Emmeria's Garuda Team; placed in charge of the Strigon Squadron.
  • Melissa Herman — a civilian and the mother of a daughter she believes had died in the initial attack on Gracemeria, now struggling to survive the war.
  • Sgt. Louis McKnight — a tank officer in the Emmerian military; he leads his tank crew in following up a lead on easy money behind enemy territory, similar to the story behind the film, Kelly's Heroes.