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The Ace Edge is a joystick and throttle controller designed specifically for Ace Combat 6. Produced by Hori, it was only made available for purchase in a special-limited edition package of the game. The Ace Edge package was only officially released in North America and Japan. The price of the package was $149.99 US dollars. The package also includes an Ace Combat 6 faceplate for your Xbox 360 console.

It is called Flight Stick EX in Japan. It is very similar to the Saitek X45 HOTAS joystick / throttle system popular with PC flight simulation players. The throttle unit is identical, while the control column is slightly different (likely to better accommodate Xbox button maps). The top of the X45 stick featured two 8-way hat switches, one on the left and one at the bottom, and three thumb buttons above them with one under a safety cover; the Ace Edge retains the left 8-way hat switch, but swaps the positions of the thumb buttons and the second hat switch, with three of the Xbox controller's four main buttons in a rearranged order (Y, B and X, left to right, A being the trigger) below an analog mini-stick rather than a second hat switch. The stick also features both a flexible sleeve over the shaft and spring, and a wrist pad, neither present on the Saitek X45.

Xbox 360 Action
Up lstick Pitch down
Down lstick Pitch up
Left lstick or Right lstick Roll left/right
L button Lower landing gear
Neutral rstick Camera
R button Change view
A button Fire machine gun
B button Fire missile/special weapon
B hold Track missile
Y button Change target
Y hold Track target
X button Toggle map display
LT button Decelerate
RT button Accelerate
LT button+RT button High-G turn
LB button Yaw left
RB button Yaw right
LB button+RB button Autopilot
Up dpad Wingmen attack
Down dpad Wingmen cover
Back button Toggle missile/special weapon
Start button Pause