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Blue Ribbon Challenges[edit]

Wave Challenge
1 Defeat all enemies with the sky-hook melee
2 Defeat all enemies with the pistol
3 Defeat all enemies using only the Undertow vigor
4 Defeat all enemies with vigor traps
5 Defeat the Handyman before any other enemy
6 Defeat 5 enemies via friendly fire
7 Defeat the Volley Gunner and the Zealot before damaging any snipers
8 Defeat all enemies with turrets or environmental hazards
9 Defeat all enemies in 60 seconds using vigors only.
10 Take no damage for 30 seconds.
11 Defeat all enemies with the Shotgun
12 Defeat the wave without picking up weapons or looting corpses
13 Defeat all enemies while they are distracted with a Booker decoy tear
14 Defeat each enemy with the same weapon-type it wields
15 Defeat each enemy with a different weapon