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Level overview[edit]

There are 10 different race tracks in the game. They are combined in groups of four. The last two track from one level make up the first two tracks of the next level. There are four different levels of difficulty to compete at. Each level increases the challenge by pitting you against more competitive and capable cars. So even though you race on, for example, circuit 3 in both level 1 and level 2, you will find it more difficult to stay ahead of the competition with the same car in level 2.

Level 1
Level 1 is your chance to get used to the controls and how the cars handle. Practice these four tracks until you have a good feel for how to accurately steer the cars, and when to apply Turbo for cars equipped with the ability to use it. You will be forced to start by using one of the cars in the first two rows. Expert players who are already familiar with the mechanics of the game, and are good at avoiding collisions with other cars, will find that car #6 is more than adequate to come in first place on all four tracks.
Level 2
By Level 2, 500 PS and 600 PS engine cars will struggle to keep pace with the rest of the pack. Even Non-Turbo 800 PS engine cars will have a tough time. For this level, Turbo capable 800 PS engine cars or Non-Turbo 1000 PS engine cars are your preferred choice.
Level 3
Once you reach Level 3, you should no longer count on coming in first place all the time unless you are able to build up a significant amount of cash for a good car. Non-Turbo 1000 PS engine cars will need to race near perfectly to come in first place. Turbo capable 1200 PS engine cars stand a much better chance, but they are expensive to come by, and can be difficult to control. In addition, you will need at least one wet-tire capable car for Circuit 8.
Level 4
Until you can save up the 5 million dollars required to buy one of the cars in the final row of the shop, you should not expect to do very well in this level without a significant amount of practice. Your competition will be driving as fast as possible, and they don't need to worry about stopping in the pit for repairs. To make matters worse, you won't even be permitted to examine the last row of cars until you at least complete this level by placing sixth or better on all four tracks. You'll need a Turbo capable 1200 PS engine car to do just that, as well as a good wet-tire car to handle circuits 8 and 10.
Note: Do not mistake the Non-Turbo 1500 PS Engine car as a miracle car that will allow you to blow past every competitor. At high gear, it moves as fast as a 1200 PS Engine car with Turbo enabled. As a result, it is very difficult to steer through turns at such high speeds. The 1200 PS Engine cars allow you to cut back on your speed by stopping Turbo before you go into a turn.
Level 1st Track 2nd Track 3rd Track 4th Track
1 Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3 Circuit 4
2 Circuit 3 Circuit 4 Circuit 5 Circuit 6
3 Circuit 5 Circuit 6 Circuit 7 Circuit 8
4 Circuit 7 Circuit 8 Circuit 9 Circuit 10

Track analysis[edit]

Circuit 1 Circuit 2
FGPF1R track circuit1.png

The game begins with a fairly simple course. Though not the straightest that you will encounter, it's gentle 45° turns down the long stretch won't present a major challenge, and will actually provide you will many good passing opportunities. Be prepared for the wide turn on the right edge of the track, followed by two back to back 90° turns. Attempt to cut the shortest line between them by driving just below the top of the first turn, to just above the bottom of the second. This is one of only two tracks which feature a gentle 90° turn into the home stretch.

FGPF1R track circuit2.png

Though curvier than the first track, circuit 2 is shorter and in some ways easier. None of the 180° turns are hairpin turns, so you can take them at your leisure without having to worry about slowing down or skidding. After the third and final 180, the bottom leg of the track features very small 45° turns which you can almost cut completely by traveling in the direction between West and South West with small corrections every now and then. You may wish to slow down just slightly before attempting the turn into the home stretch.

Circuit 3 Circuit 4
FGPF1R track circuit3.png

The toughest portions of this track come immediately after and immediately before the starting line. From the start, you have a rapid combination of a 45° turn clockwise, followed by a gentle 180° turn in the same direction, and then right into a 90° turn counter-clockwise. Once you get through that, you ease into a straightaway. If your car has Turbo, pour it on here, and then prepare for the long turn at the end of the track. Once the turn completes, cut a short line from the end of the small bump in the track to the leg before the home stretch.

FGPF1R track circuit4.png

Circuit 4 may look simple except for one small detail: the first hairpin turn. From the start, you have some gentle turns where your competition will jockey for position before hitting the straightaway. Once you hit it, enable your turbo until you see arrows indicating the upcoming turn. Position your car near the top of the track, begin your turn and tap the brakes to allow your car to cut across the inside lane of the turn (watch out for other cars getting in your way). Once you make it through this turn, don't relax. You have several back to back 90° turns which you should attempt to cut and reduce the amount of turning you perform. This is the second and last track which features a gentle 90° turn into the home stretch.

Circuit 5 Circuit 6
FGPF1R track circuit5.png

This circuit isn't very tricky, but it is quite long. You may actually need to concern yourself with your fuel if you have a gas guzzling engine. Don't concern yourself with the loop and the overpass. None of the turns are terribly sharp, and many present great passing opportunities for you to get around the competition. The most difficult turn comes right at the end as you make the turn into the final stretch. Keep an eye on your gas and tire meters, and be sure to hit the pit at an advantageous time (see the Walkthrough for more information).

FGPF1R track circuit6.png

Hopefully you will have had enough practice dealing with the hairpin turn in circuit 4 before you reach this track, because it contains two, and they are back to back. Like circuit 4, there is a long stretch of straight track before you hit the first turn. Once you come through it, reposition yourself near the top of the track as you prepare for the second turn. Your competition will take this short stretch very fast and not give up their positions. Don't over anticipate the turn and crash into the rails, wait for the arrows to appear on the track before you initiate your turn. The rest of the track, though crooked, doesn't present anything you haven't faced before.

Circuit 7 Circuit 8
FGPF1R track circuit7.png

Even though it is the straightest circuit in the game, don't underestimate this track. You will need to drive as fast as possible, and turn as tight as possible, to stay ahead of the competition on this track. With three straightaways, most of your competition will pour on the speed. Without a fast enough car, you will have to rely on taking the short 90° turns at the bottom of the track perfectly in order to put some distance between you and the competition. Knowledge of the track's features won't help you as much as raw driving skill.

FGPF1R track circuit8.png

This circuit is the very first one that you must drive on after a rain shower. As a result, you will be much better off driving a green car with tires classified for driving on wet surfaces. If you try to drive with dry-classified tires, you will find it much more difficult to take turns without drifting to the outside lanes. And to make sure you feel the difference, this track incorporates many wide sweeping turns, including two loops. Large portions of the track, including the drive into the first loop and the drive out of the second loop, are relatively straight, so make sure you take advantage of these stretches and use Turbo if it's available.

Circuit 9 Circuit 10
FGPF1R track circuit9.png

Make no mistake, circuit 9 is as tough as it looks. Very jagged, it is filled with multiple and back-to-back 90° turns. Your goal will be to cut the tightest line as you make your way through them. The only straightaway opportunity is through the home stretch. The rest of the track will be spent trying to defend your position and climb up the ranks as you out perform your competition on the turns. Despite the fact that this circuit is only available in Level 4, you can actually succeed with a Non-Turbo 1000 PS engine car since there are really no straightaways for the competition to Turbo past you. But by driving at very high speeds, you'll have to react even faster to upcoming turns.

FGPF1R track circuit10.png

This track is very well suited to be the tenth and final track of the game. It features as many as 5 180° turns, three of which are hairpin! After taking the 90° from the starting line to the top of the track, you must take the first gentle 180 and prepare for what comes next: three back-to-back hairpin turns, each with a shorter lead in than the last. Do your best to position yourself as well as you can for each turn; i.e. staying closer to the outside lane, tapping the brakes and cutting across to the inside as you turn. At level 4, your competition won't give you any room to perform these turns any way less than perfectly.