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NJK Screen1.png
NJK Screen2.png
  • You begin every stage in the center of the bottom floor. Princess Sakura will be watching you from the center of the top of the screen at all times, held in close proximity to the Catfish Pirate.
  • Every stage contains eight enemies. At the beginning of the stage, the enemies are distributed two per floor. Since the floors are unbroken, the enemies can not drop down to a lower level until you break the floors.
  • You can break the breakable segments of the floor by jumping into them and hitting them with your head. When the floor breaks, there is a chance that an item will appear. Collect the item for points or power-ups, but do not collect the bombs.
  • After the first stage and until much later in the game, there is always one enemy, known as the boss enemy, that is different and much more aggressive than the rest of the enemies. This enemy always starts out on the top floor.
  • From stage 19 through 21, the stage will contain a random mix of every enemy in the game. After you finish stage 21, the game will continue, but the stage enemy arrangements will start over from the first level.
  • Because the boss enemy starts on the top floor, you can postpone the moment when you actually need to confront it by not breaking any of the segments of the highest floor until you have defeated the lower six enemies. This makes it easier to deal with the boss enemy.
  • The Pin Cell (100 Eyes in the arcade), and Kakutan enemies can not be defeated unless they are stunned. You can stun enemies by jumping on them or hitting them from below as you jump up. Some enemies will stun themselves if they fall down on their own.
  • After a period of time, the Catfish Pirate will become restless, and begin to drop bombs at you from the top of the screen. The bombs will always detonate at your current height on the screen. If you need to cross from one side or the other, it is best to attempt that at one end of the floor or the other, not in the middle.
  • If you remain on one level of the stage for too long, a flame will appear and slowly hunt you down. It is far easier to avoid this flame by traveling above or below it than attempting to jump over the flame on the same level.
  • When you eliminate an enemy, the Tamashii spirit energy will appear where the enemy was defeated. Collect them before they rise off the top of the screen for bonus points. Because the stage ends almost as soon as the final enemy disappears, it is difficult to collect the eighth and final Tamashii.
  • When you finish the stage, you will be awarded bonus points for every unit in the timer that remains, and for each Tamashii that you collected.

Ninja Art[edit]

NJK Ninja Art.png
  • There are two ways to invoke the Ninja Art of giant frog summoning; Either collect four extra lives from the broken floor segments, or collect three distinct power-ups.
  • If you accomplish either of these feats, the giant frog Gamapakun will appear. You will instantly appear on his back. You will take control of Gamapakun and you can direct him left and right, make him jump up, or tell him to drop down.
  • Gamapakun will eat any enemy that he encounters. You will earn 1000 points for every enemy eaten. You can complete the stage using Gamapakun, unless you allow the timer to reach 0, at which time, Gamapakun will disappear. You will receive a 10,000 point bonus for good performance if you complete the stage with Gamapakun quickly.
  • Remember that if you collect a third distinct power-up, Gamapakun will appear in lieu of the effect that the third power-up would have given you.

Bonus Stage[edit]

NJK Bonus.png
  • During regular game play, Princess Sakura will toss down one Sakura petal per stage. The petal will float down to the floor, drifting left and right.
  • If you manage to collect three such Sakura petals, you will be sent to the bonus stage immediately following the completion of your current stage.
  • In the first bonus stage, Ninjakun will appear on the bottom floor, and the Catfish Pirate will be present on the top floor, with no floors in between.
  • You can throw one ninja star at a time at the pirate. In contrast, the pirate can toss down three fireballs. He will proceed to move randomly about to the left and the right.
  • Your goal is to hit him with your ninja star while avoiding the fireballs that he throws at you. If you hit him before time runs out, you will be awarded 5000 points. At that time, Princess Sakura will drop to your side, and hearts will rise above each of you. Then normal game play will resume.
  • After the first bonus stage, it is possible that two or more Catfish Pirates will appear on the top floor. You must defeat each of them to complete the stage.