Space Cowboy Online

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Box artwork for Space Cowboy Online.
Space Cowboy Online
Publisher(s)Gala-Net, Game&game
Year released2006
Genre(s)Action, Flight simulation
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Space Cowboy Online was an MMO space shooter, formerly published by Gala-Net. Recently the Gala-Net servers were shut down, and it was taken over by GameForge and renamed Air Rivals. There are currently two servers available: Helix and Orion. The basic gameplay still remains the same despite the switch, and it remains popular.

Unlike other MMOs, Space Cowboy Online, or Air Rivals, focuses not on human characters, but rather aircraft known as gears. Players start with one and, by dogfighting aerial monsters and levelling up, gain access to new areas. The game also is heavily PVP-oriented at the higher levels, and there is a strong sense of competitiveness among players of the two opposing factions, known as BCU and ANI.

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