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When you join Egypt for the first time you are now given a tab in the lower left hand corner of your screen called, simply, "Citizenship". This works much like any of the other challenges released as part of the new mission system.

They are presented in a logical order in an effort to aid newcomers on their journey to Egypt.

The tasks are:

  • Gather Slate near a shoreline
  • Learn Stone Blade Fabrication
  • Make a Stone Blade (Special Menu)
  • Gather Wood from a Tree
  • Learn Carpentry (School of Architecture)
  • Build a Wood Plane (Projects Menu)
  • Make Boards using a Wood Plane
  • Learn Brick Rack Construction (School of Architecture)
  • Build a Brick Rack (Projects Menu)
  • Gather Sand
  • Gather Mud near a Shoreline
  • Gather Grass
  • Dry Grass into Straw (Drop Menu)
  • Make Bricks using a Brick Rack
  • Get Flax Seeds from a School of Art and Music
  • Let the Flax Bed go wild, and harvest Seeds
  • Weed a flax bed several times and harvest the Flax
  • Learn Flax Processing
  • Rot Flax in the water
  • Take rotten flax from the water
  • Gather Thorns (click on plants to find a species that has thorns)
  • Build a Flax Comb
  • Process flax on the flax comb until you get Tow
  • Learn the Clothwork skill (School of Art and Music)
  • Build a Small Distaff
  • Spin Tow into Twine
  • Gather Tar from a Tar Pit
  • Learn Ferry Construction (School of Art and Music)
  • Clean up by picking up your Brick Rack
  • Clean up by tearing down your Wood Plane
  • Build a Ferry Boat and use it to travel to Egypt!

Remember that your students can see which of these items they have completed, and which ones they have not. (Incomplete items say "No" next to them while complete items say "Done")