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Stage 1[edit | edit source]

World 2-1 Pot
  1. This stage starts with an egg that contains a fruit point doubling flower, followed by a stretch of Sneils. Run past them to the cloud section and avoid the Octopi. Back on land, there is a hidden fireball egg just before Section 2.
  2. Jump through the next cloud hopping section until you get back to dry land. The egg that your encounter next contains a Honey Girl fairy. Collect it and blast through the sequence of enemies, including the rocks and fires, for a nice accumulation of bonus points.
  3. This section alternates between islands and clouds. After a lateral moving cloud, there is a hidden egg on an island beneath an apple that contains a red milk. Immediately after that island, you will find the Bonus Pot for the stage. Collect it as you jump to the island.
  4. There are two particularly tricky points in the fourth section. In the beginning, you must carefully navigate over a series of clouds while avoid the attacks of the Waler fish. To be safe, jump straight up immediately upon landing when you see a Waler. Towards the end is a column of descending clouds. Keep the run button held down as you jump up from one cloud to the cloud above, until you are high enough to reach the cloud to the right.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

World 2-2 Pot
  1. Another very early flower in the stage means a great opportunity for accumulating bonus points throughout the entire stage. Make your way carefully through the series of Basser bats, Cobras, fires and boulders.
  2. It would not be a good idea to take the skateboard in the egg that you find, as it will make timing your jumps more difficult. Watch out for the boulder that falls towards the suspended platform. Make your way to the Bonus Pot and use the spring board to collect it.
  3. This section contains more staircase jumping, with a few enemies appearing infrequently. The two suspended platforms that you come to will begin to rise to the ceiling. It's safe to allow them to carry you up. You will eventually fall through them and land on the next platforms rising from the bottom.
  4. As you get started, watch out for the suspended platform just before the fire which falls as you land on it. Shortly after the fire is a hidden fireball egg. The section ends shortly after a lateral moving platform leads to a ledge which contains a number of skulls.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

World 2-3 Pot
  1. Still in an underground cave, you start out by finding another flower. Proceed across the ledges until you reach the platform which ferry you across the gaps. Eliminate the enemies that get in your way and advance to the next section.
  2. There is an egg hidden immediately after the signpost. It contains a key, which you can collect to access a bonus stage. You must bypass the skateboard and proceed a few screens before you find the platform that will take you to it. If you don't take it, the last platform in the section will drop through the floor, so jump off quickly, and defeat all the enemies that approach you towards the end.
  3. This section contains relatively few enemies, and a large number of suspended platforms which you must carefully jump across. Take care jumping over the fire, and once again the last platform bottoms out and falls through the floor so jump quickly.
  4. This is the most difficult jumping section so far. After a series of platforms arranged in a descending staircase, there are two frogs waiting for you on a ledge. You can attempt to jump in front of both of them and kill the first one that jumps at you, or get a running start and jump between them, where you should be safe. However, the most successful way to pass this obstacle is to jump in front of both frogs and immediately run forward. The first frog will hop over you, and you can jump over (easier) or shoot (more difficult) the second, stationary frog. The Bonus Pot can be found shortly after that. Take the series of lateral platforms slowly to get the timing correct.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

World 2-4 Pot
World 2 Boss
  1. The first section is a straight stretch through an enemy infested area, composed primarily of Zigmo spiders, with other enemies interspersed in between. A series of Cavas birds appear near the end, and a flower can be found in the last egg.
  2. The two flowers at the start of this section signify that you are about to encounter two Coyotes back to back. Be prepared to jump over them as they rush you from behind. There are two frogs waiting near the end of the section. A single rock lies between the last fire and the section 3 signpost. If you trip over it, you will make the Bonus Pot appear. If you shoot it with a fireball instead, you will simply destroy it for 100 points, and miss the Bonus Pot entirely.
  3. Another flower indicates that a Coyote is coming, but this one will jump over your head, so let it pass over you and don't jump. Shortly after the flower is a hidden fireball egg. You will have another stretch of spiders until the trees end at a clearing. Another Coyote will approach, but this one stays on the ground, so be prepared to jump over it.
  4. After a set of hills containing boulders and cobras, you will reach this world's boss. This boss is not much different than the first one, except that it is more likely to throw fireballs at you. It will take ten hits to the head to do away with this boss. Make sure that you do not jump when it is preparing to throw a fireball at you.