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Stage 1[edit | edit source]

World 8-1 Pot
  1. Prepare for an assault of Kello frogs, Sneils, Cavas birds and boulders as you scale this final mountain stage. It will take a lot of patience, but you should be able to get through this areas unscratched. If you search around for it, there is a hidden fireball egg about halfway through the section (before the long run which contains a green frog.)
  2. Another section of climbing. This time you will primarily face frogs and skulls. Don't waste too much time trying to remove the frogs. Most of the time, you can encourage them to jump off a ledge and over your head instead of dealing with them head on. In the middle of a low-lying ledge between two higher ledges, you can find a hidden egg with a much needed red bottle of milk.
  3. Right after the section starts, you'll find a hidden fireball egg before the first ledge. Beyond that, you'll find an egg containing more milk. Then you'll have to navigate a tricky course of rocks and skulls. The skulls can be removed, but you can only remove the rocks if you have fireballs. Eventually, you will come across two rocks side by side. The right one is hiding the Bonus Pot. This can be difficult to collect unless you clear out as many skulls as you can. Shortly after that, you will see two Basser bats and an eggplant egg on the other side. Begin to fire so you can find a spot where your weapon disappears. Stand there and fire to reveal a platform that will take you to a bonus stage.
  4. The series of springboards here will have you making huge leaps, not just over fires, but over spiders as well. A final springboard will take you over some rocks. The egg here contains an eggplant. If you trigger it, don't panic. You can still race to the end before your life gets drained. Move beyond the skulls, watch out for the boulders, and do your best to deal with any frogs that appear until you cross the goal.

Stage 2[edit | edit source]

World 8-2 Pot
  1. Start off by making the huge leap to the land beyond. Octopi and Walers are the predominant threat throughout this section. Try to lure the Walers out of hiding and attack them from the left side of the screen before proceeding. Two back to back lateral moving platforms will have Walers guarding them as you try to cross. The second to last platform drops out, so jump to the next one quickly when it's low enough.
  2. More cloud hopping, among Octopi and Walers. You can't really afford to eliminate every single enemy in this stage because there simply isn't enough time. You'll have to be selective about what you attack, and attempt to jump over a series of enemies at a time in order to advance through the stage quickly. Once on land, you can find a hidden fireball egg shortly before the palm tree where a Pooter walks by.
  3. Fortunately for you, you'll get a brief reprieve courtesy of the Honey Girl fairy that can be found early on in this section. Take advantage of it, and use it to fly through the stage as fast as you can until you get to more a difficult jumping section. Carefully traverse the clouds, and don't worry about the fairy. It shouldn't leave until you're past the most dangerous part. Then focus on timing your jump to the descending column of clouds.
  4. Shortly after this section starts, another hidden fireball egg can be found beyond the palm tree. More Octopis and Walers will block your progress through the cloud section. The Bonus Pot is plainly visible in this instance, so time your leap onto the cloud when the Blue Octopi below is out of the way. Make your way over the column of ascending clouds, and prepare to quickly jump off the last cloud before it drops away.

Stage 3[edit | edit source]

World 8-3 Pot
  1. While jumping over the first series of rocks, watch out for the boulder, bird, bat combination. Let the boulder and bird approach, but stay back so the bat doesn't join in immediately. Beyond the platform, watch out for the frogs, and don't open the egg which contains an eggplant. A fire spitting cobra waits beyond, and he's capable of spitting multiple fires at you. Take him out as quickly as you can.
  2. Past the first platform, which drops out, you'll come to a rising platform. Jump on it, and move close to the other platform to get it moving. Wait until it passes through the floor and down from the ceiling to jump on it. A hidden egg with a ring can be found beneath the apple the appears on the ledge beyond. After that, you'll have a tough set up to cross with a stone, a frog, and a skull. Remove the skull if you can and time your jump over the stone so that the frog jumps beneath you. Do it again and continue on to a pit. You can bypass it completely and jump to the platform, or fall down and deal with the boulders while you wait for the platform to rise through the floor and carry you up. Another ruby ring egg is hidden on the other side of the platform.
  3. Collect the milk from the egg at the start of the section. Then prepare to cross another section full of lateral moving platforms that are arranged with each one higher than the previous. A few bats will drop down, but should not pose too much of a threat.
  4. To rise up the next couple of steps, you must time your jumps so that you clear both the fires and the approaching boulders. If you jump too early, you will land on the boulders. if you jump too late, you will hit the ledge and stop moving forward. Next comes the absolute most difficult section of the game. You must jump from the ledge to a series of dropping platforms, while a few Basser bats drop down to attack you. The dropping platforms aren't too bad if your timing is good, but since the bats come down to attack, it may feel impossible to successfully pass through this section. It's possible if you have a weapon, but getting your fingers to tap B button while you're used to holding it down in order to run quickly is considerably difficult. If you master this technique, you can remove the bats while you are in mid-air, and keep the button held down while you are running. A fire at the very end may scare you, but don't worry: it contains the hidden Bonus Pot for this stage. Run into it and collect the pot.

Stage 4[edit | edit source]

World 8-4 Pot
World 8 Boss
  1. As you prepare to deal with all of the spiders that you will no doubt be facing in this stage, locate the hidden egg beneath the first spider to find another ruby ring, or possibly an extra life. What follows is an incredibly difficult stretch of spiders and rocks. One again, you won't have time to attack every single one, so you much be judicious about which spiders to attack, and which spiders to leap through. When you reach three fires, a frog awaits on the other side. Beyond that, you will be attacked by three Cavas birds. Watch out for the Cobra that waits for you on the other side. Send weapons his way as soon as you can before he spits a lot of fire at you. The egg at the end may contain a flower or milk.
  2. Beyond the signpost, you'll see the Coyote flower, so prepare for his arrival. Shortly before a series of rocks, a hidden fireball egg can be found. Collect it if you don't have fireballs to clear the rocks away. Beyond the rocks are a series of frogs. You can race through them as they leap over you until you get to the green frog. You can jump over the green frog, but make sure you jump high enough to clear the brown frog behind him.
  3. You'll find an egg between a set of spiders. Try to remove the spiders without disturbing the egg, because it contains an eggplant. Jump over the egg and continue to deal with the spiders beyond. There is a hidden egg shortly after that contains a red bottle of milk. Just as you've done before, race below the first series of spiders once you clear the trees, but stop short at the gap and let the other two spiders drop in front of you. You can't jump over them because of the frog beyond, so eliminate the spiders and the frog before you continue. Prepare for another Coyote attack.
  4. As you start the last and final section of the whole game, approach the set of fires. At the very first one, jump above it and face left and fall into it. This will cause the hidden Bonus Pot to appear. You must be facing left or you will end up flying into the fires beyond. Proceed to the right, and deal with the rocks and Cobras that await you before you arrive at the boss. If you were expecting something different for the final boss, you may be disappointed. He is very much like all the rest. He doesn't throw his fireballs particularly high, so you must stand a little closer to him to be safe, but not much. Hit him in the head 22 times, and you will finally be treated to the brief ending of the game.
Ending screenshot