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This is a tutorial stage, exclusive for the European version of the game. The most difficult mechanic to master is probably the #enemy hole.

AdvLoloGB 0-1-0.png


AdvLoloGB 0-1-1.png Snakey keeps an eye out, turning back and forth and following the action. He is completely harmless, but is useful as a tool. He is the one most often turned into an egg and moved around.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-2.png Leeper (Leaper-Sleeper) bounds around until he touches Lolo, then goes to sleep and does not awake. He can be turned into an egg as long as he is moving about. Once he goes to sleep he is stuck where he is.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-3.png Gol (ghoul?) sleeps until the last Heart Framer is taken, then he awakes to shoot a deadly flame straight ahead. Lots of times you can outrun Gol's flames: experiment a little to find out how much room you need.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-4.png Rocky rumbles around slowly most of the time, but when he is close he picks up speed and moves in quickly. He can be shot and used as a tool, but sometimes you just have to avoid him.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-5.png Alma (armadillo) can be lead around to a degree by moving Lolo around, and when she tucks into a ball she rolls straight ahead until she bumps into something. Handy technique!
AdvLoloGB 0-1-6.png Skulls will sit and stare menacingly until the last Heart Framer is taken, then launch their attack with teeth gnashing. They are fearsome-looking, but you can often outrun them or shoot them into eggs.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-7.png Medusa can shoot her deadly evil eye in a straight line in all four directions. She cannot move, but her shot can go clear across the room. Once she aims and shoots there is no way to get out of her path.
AdvLoloGB 0-1-8.png Don Medusa goes in a predictable pattern. He is a boring kind of guy, but deadly! He can shoot in all four directions, and once he shoots there is no escape from his attack.


AdvLoloGB 0-2-1.png Emerald framers can be moved around the screen to protect you from the attacks of some of the characters, and trap other characters. Do not let them trap you!
AdvLoloGB 0-2-2.png There are trees scattered everywhere on the room. Sometimes they will protect you from characters, especially those that move, but they are no help agains Medusa, Don Medusa, and Gols.
AdvLoloGB 0-2-3.png There are rocks scattered around in lots of rooms room. They will protect you from enemy's attacks, even Medusa and Don Medusa, but unfortunately they cannot be moved. You will have to use framers for that.
AdvLoloGB 0-2-4.png Lolo can go through deserts, but his speed will be cut in half.
AdvLoloGB 0-2-5.png
Shooting an enemy twice will get the character off the screen. Usually characters will come back to their original spot (in a few seconds), but there are exceptions. If there is no Enemy Hole and you try this technique, you will just hear the sound of the Snakey disappearing.
AdvLoloGB 0-2-6.png There are lakes, ponds of still water, and rivers of flowing water. Bridges and eggs are the way to go, but try everything.
AdvLoloGB 0-2-7.png A break tile bridge can only be used twice. The first time you walk over it you can see it starts to crumble, the the second time it disappears. Do not make any wasted trips over them!
AdvLoloGB 0-2-8.png There are patches of flower beds and Jewel Boxes that Lolo can use as a temporary safe haven. Skulls and Almas cannot come on the flower beds and jewel boxes, but those will not protect you against the shooting enemies.


AdvLoloGB 0-3-1.png Bridge: this means you can build a bridge over a river. Face the spot where you want to build your bridge and push the A button.
AdvLoloGB 0-3-2.png One-way pass: when this power is shown, the direction of one arrow can be turned 90 degrees by facing the arrow and pushing the A button.
AdvLoloGB 0-3-3.png Hammer: the hammer means you can shatter one rock. Put your nose on the rock you want to remove and push the A button.