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Xbox Control PS3 Control Use
Neutral dpad Highlight Inventory slots and AI Commands.
Neutral lstick Move.
Neutral rstick Move camera.
L button Hold to use precision-mode shooting (zooms in and increases accuracy). While equipped with a grenade, a targeting arc appears.
R button Fires or throws a grenade.
A button Performs an action that appears on screen (use turrets, open doors, pick up people, etc.). High five or rock out with a teammate in Co-op.
B button Get of vehicles. Drop people you are carrying. In menus, backs out one menu level.
X button Reload.
Y button Roll while running, jump over objects or slide into cover.
LB button Hold to display the inventory.
RB button Hold to display the Co-op Call menu.
Back button Toggle the GPS On/Off.
Start button Pause the game and display the pause menu.