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This is the first game in the Asheron's Call series. For other games in the series see the Asheron's Call category.

Box artwork for Asheron's Call.
Box artwork for Asheron's Call.
Asheron's Call
Developer(s)Turbine Entertainment Software
Publisher(s)Microsoft, Turbine Entertainment Software
Year released1999
Expansion pack(s)Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty
Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny
SeriesAsheron's Call
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Asheron's Call is one of the first generation MMORPGs and was originally developed by Turbine Games and published by Microsoft. The game was "officially" launched on November 1, 1999, hosting a grand total of 6 official servers at launch, Leafcull, Morningthaw, Thisledown, Frostfell, Harvestgrain, Darktide(PVP).

Asheron's Call features a seamless 3D landscape called Dereth in which players can adventure and seek fame, fortune and tons of uber loot. Asheron's Call focuses heavily on the development of the player character and allows complete customization of the characters attributes and skills, from adjusting a characters strength (so he may carry more & do more melee damage) to adjusting his focus (raising magical and healing abilities). Players can also design their own custom "templates" by specializing and training their character as they see fit using many unique skills such as War Magic, Unarmed Combat, Arcane Lore and Item Tinkering.

One of the main features of Asheron's Call is that it contains an extensive and rich background of lore which supplements a huge cast of NPC characters and both unique and original monsters found within the lands of Dereth. Taking a step away from the typical fantasy cookie-cutter monsters such as "goblins & dragons" Asheron's Call has an enormous amount of original content, monsters range from the small cat-like Drudge to the mighty 9' tall Lugian to the mysterious and shrouded Virindi. In addition to the rich local flora and fauna the land of dereth features amazing geological detail in one of the largest, originally designed landmasses of any MMORPG to date (this is of course excluding computer generated terrain in other mmos such as SWG). The lands of Dereth feature many islands, including the recently discovered landmass from the Throne of Destiny expansion pack as well as a recently discovered island known as the Vissidal Isles. Many ancient structures dot the landscape of Dereth, from the Ithaenc Cathedral to the rugged Fort Tethana and the ancient and evil Aerfalle Keep. Players with a lust for exploration will find that there is always something new to discover in the land of Dereth, one never knows what they might find wandering the vast expanse of the Obsidian Plains or the rolling grasslands of the Valley Of Death!

Another great feature in Asheron's Call is regularly scheduled monthly updates complete with new content in the form of new quests and equipment as well as lore and often new monsters as well as the further development of the plotline. Asheron's Call is an ever-evolving land where new foes and new adventures await on a monthly basis.

One of the greatest assets to Asheron's Call is the atmosphere, with every new addition to the lore and landscape of Dereth the complexity and sheer amount of content within the world continues to astound and surprise even the most hardcore of old school players. The one thing that keeps players coming back and playing again is the sheer freedom that AC brings to MMORPGs, you could easily wander off in a random direction and run for an hour and discover wondrous geographical anomalies and other structures you've never seen that would amaze you, to put it simply, the game world is just beautiful (despite the now dated graphical engine, even with the recent rehaul).

There is only one way to find out if Asheron's Call is the type of game that you've been looking for, one that allows players to be free to create whatever character type they wish and travel to far off destinations conquering everything in their path to those who prefer to sit near a waterfall and bask in the meticulously crafted lore. There is always something to do in Dereth one need only to heed the call!

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