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Box artwork for Batman: The Video Game.
Batman: The Video Game
Year released1989
ModesSingle player
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Batman: The Video Game is a platform game developed by Sunsoft for the NES, loosely based on the 1989 film Batman. It contains five levels culminating in a showdown with the Joker in the bell tower of Gotham Cathedral.


The game has a feature that was unusual in side-scrolling platform games at the time. Unlike Sunsoft's Batman for the Mega Drive/Genesis, which features the grappling hook, Batman has the ability to do a wall jump. He is able to use three projectile weapons: the batarang, batdisk, and batpoon, which are powered by pellet cartridges.

The stages in the game consists of the Gotham City Streets, Axis Chemical Plant, Gotham Sewers, Mysterious Laboratory, and the Gotham Cathedral Belltower. A number of notable DC Comics villains appear as low-level minions in the game, including Deadshot, KGBeast, Maxie Zeus, Heat Wave, Shakedown, and Nightslayer. The bosses in the game are Killer Moth, a device known as the Machine Intelligence System, the Electrocutioner, a machine known as the Dual-Container Alarm, Firebug, and the Joker. The penultimate boss will be skipped in the continued play if the player reached the Joker previously, so the player can directly fight the Joker next time.


  • Gotham City: Batman Begins his Adventure in Gotham City as he investigates the "DDID" Nerve Gas Scandal, Batman travels through the dark, deserted main street. In the second area he encounters a shopping mall background with skyscrapers at the bottom. There is no sign of life, only the steel skeletons of buildings and the steel structure of freeway. Finally, Batman reaches City Hall, located in the center of Gotham City where he must defeat the Boss "Killer Moth"
  • Axis Chemical Factory: The Joker's hideout, the Axis Chemical Factory, is Batman's next challenge. Here, he must cross a Liquid Waste Floor, the plant to processing chemical waste; the Spark Floor, equipped with operational panels of power for the entire factory; the Conveyer-Belt Floor, where chemical materials are refined; and finally, the Nerve Center where Batman must out-smart security traps and destroy the entire "Machine Intelligence System".
  • Underground Conduit: Even though Batman successfully destroyed the Chemical Factory, he is caught in a trap by the Joker and dropped into an underground conduit. Underground Conduits I and II are a network of sewers connecting all Gotham City. Here, Batman must find the secret exit, the underground Cavern. The water flowing through the conduits generates power for the Underground Station in the Cavern. When Batman finds the exit, he must defeat "The Electrocutioner".
  • Laboratory Ruins: The Joker's other hideout, the Laboratory Ruins, is a contaminated, deserted laboratory. As Batman enters the Research Laboratory, he sees an array of futuristic life samples made by genetic engineering. The next area Batman searches is the storage room, an almost empty warehouse with research engineering tools and equipment, energy conduits and power driving motors. Finally, Batman reaches the Thermal Processing Plant where a burning hot flame is used to process waste and refuse. After Batman finds the exit, he must destroy the "Dual-Container Alarm".
  • Cathedral: The secret Transmitter leads Batman to his greatest challenge - The Cathedral. After climbing the dark narrow staircase to the Bell Tower, Batman is attacked by the Joker's trusted bodyguard, "Firebug". After eliminating Firebug, he is greeted by none-other-than "The Joker", where he has his final battle.

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