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Breakers Revenge
Box artwork for Breakers Revenge.
Release date(s)
System(s)Neo Geo
WebsiteOfficial website
TwitchBreakers Revenge Channel

Breakers Revenge is an upgraded version of Breakers that was released exclusively for the arcades. It introduces one new character named Saizo and makes the final boss Bai-Hu into a playable character. Revenge makes adjustments to the existing cast of characters, rebalancing the game. However, the opening intro is almost identical to that of the first game and game's graphics are not that different; however, the lifebars were modified to look different compared to the first game's lifebars, while some stages' graphics were removed (e.g. flags in Sho Kamui's stage).

Table of Contents

Character Select[edit]

Portrait BR Sho.png Portrait BR Pielle.png Portrait BR Condor.png Portrait BR Rila.png Portrait BR Tia.png Portrait BR Alsion III.png Portrait BR Maherl.png Portrait BR Dao-Long.png Portrait BR Saizo.png Portrait BR Bai-Hu.png