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CotW is played using the keyboard and mouse. Some commands are duplicated by on-screen, clickable buttons. Keyboard commands, with the exception of r and R are not case-sensitive.

Basic Commands[edit]

  • Movement: Use the numeric keypad to move in the 8 directions, or click on the player icon and drag with the mouse.
  • Combat: Moving onto a monster's square attacks the monster.
  • Exploring: Right clicking on almost anything gives you information about it, whether in dungeon view, map view, or in the inventory.

Keyboard movement commands[edit]

For movement, the player can use either letter keys on the keyboard or the numeric keypad.

Alphabetic Numeric Direction
K 8 North
U 9 Northeast
L 6 East
N 3 Southeast
J 2 South
B 1 Southwest
H 4 West
Y 7 Northwest

You can also use the Shift key with a movement key to move in that direction until you run into something.

Other keyboard commands[edit]

Some of the following commands must used in conjunction with an object, in which case your mouse cursor will turn to a crosshair and you can select the object on which you want to perform the action with the mouse or keyboard. In the description window you will also get a message saying "Command Pending: command...," where command is the action you are performing.

Keyboard Command Action
< Climb up stairs or attack monster on stairs above.
> Climb down stairs or attack monster on stairs below.
O Open door.
C Close door.
S Search for traps and secret doors adjacent to you.
D Disarm a trap adjacent to you. Requires placing crosshair on target.
M View dungeon map.
I View inventory screen.
r Rest until fully healed, a monster comes into sight, a mouse button is clicked or a key is pressed. Lowercase only
R Rest until mana is fully restored, a monster attacks you, a mouse button is clicked or a key is pressed. Uppercase only
X Look at a site. Requires placing crosshair on target.
V Scroll dungeon screen using the movement keys on the keyboard.
F Puts an item into the free hand slot. (Free Hand command)
G Puts everything on the ground below the player's icon into the player's pack. If the player has an empty purse, belt or pack slot, appropriate containers on the ground will go into those slots. (Get command)

Mouse commands[edit]

You can also move the character with the mouse. Click and hold the player icon with the left mouse button PC Mouse Left Click.png and drag it to the desired position. Movement will be stopped if the player is attacked or runs into a trap.

Double left-click the player icon when on stairs to ascend or descend, and single left-click adjacent doors or monsters to open/close them or attack them, respectively.

Right clicking PC Mouse Right Click.png displays a description of the site clicked in a tooltip text box as long as the right mouse button is held down. Descriptions are limited to 10 lines, so to display the full description in the description window, use either the X button or select the Look command from the Verbs dropdown.