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Digital Image Design
Digital Image Design's company logo.
Founded 1989
Founder(s) Martin Kenwright
Located Warrington, England
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Digital Image Design was a British video game developer founded by Martin Kenwright in 1989 and was originally based in Runcorn, Cheshire, England. The company had employed around eighty developers who specialized in areas of software and simulation. Digital Image Design had titles published by Ocean Software, and later the company expanded following the release of TFX, Inferno, and EF2000 and subsequently moved offices to Warrington.

During this period, the technology from one of its products was spun off into a military laser designation simulator.

After being taken over by Infogrames, several members of staff left to form Evolution Studios. The company was subsequently sold to Rage Games, at which point a large portion of the management and staff revolted. Those staff not in revolt joined Infogrames in Manchester England. After the demise of Rage Games Limited, a company called Juice Games appeared, in the same Warrington office and with the same key members of staff.

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