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Gremlin Interactive
RenamedInfogrames Sheffield House

Gremlin Interactive is a now defuct software house based in Sheffield, England. Originally named Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd the company produced games for the 8-bit home computers of the time, such as the Commodore 64 and the ZX Spectrum, the most notable being the Monty Mole series.

In the 1990s they moved into the 16-bit market creating well-known games such as the Premier Manager series, the Lotus driving games and the platform game Zool among others.

In 1996, Gremlin accquired development studio DMA Design, creators of Lemmings and the Grand Theft Auto series.

In 1999, the company was bought by French entertainment company Infogrames and was renamed Infogrames Sheffield House, but the studio closed 2 years later and the building they once occupied has since been demolished.

Since, the demise of Gremlin, many of its former staff members have gone on to form new companies such as Moonpod, Zoo Digital and Sumo Digital.


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