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Nintendo 64DD
The logo for Nintendo 64DD.
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Required systemNintendo 64
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The Nintendo 64DD (or Dynamic Drive) was an add-on for the Nintendo 64 game console, which was only released in Japan on December 1, 1999 and discontinued on February 14, 2001. Only ten discs were made for it.


Title Release date
Mario Artist: Paint Studio
(マリオアーティスト ペイントスタジオ?)
December 1, 1999
Doshin the Giant
(巨人のドシン1 Kyojin no Doshin 1?)
December 1, 1999
Randnet Disk
February 23, 2000
Mario Artist: Talent Studio
(マリオアーティスト タレントスタジオ?)
February 23, 2000
SimCity 64
February 23, 2000
F-Zero X Expansion Kit
(エフゼロ エックス エクスパンション キット?)
April 21, 2000
Japan Pro Golf Tour 64
(日本プロゴルフツアー64 Nippon Puro Gorufu Tsua 64?)
May 2, 2000
Doshin the Giant:Tinkling Toddler Liberation Front! Assemble!
(巨人のドシン解放戦線 チビッコチッコ大集合
Kyojin no Doshin Kaihō Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishūgō
May 17, 2000
Mario Artist: Communication Kit
(マリオアーティスト コミュニケーションキット?)
June 29, 2000
Mario Artist: Polygon Studio
(マリオアーティスト ポリゴンスタジオ?)
August 29, 2000

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