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PF Magic

PF Magic was a video game developer founded in 1991 and located in San Francisco, California. Though it developed other types of video games, it was best known for its virtual pet games, such as Dogz and Catz. It was bought out in 1998 by Mindscape. After changing hands a few more times, Ubisoft Entertainment now owns the copyright on its Petz, Oddballz and Babyz titles.

One of PF Magic's earliest efforts was the 1994 video game Ballz published by Accolade. The innovative game featured main characters composed completely of spheres. This attribute would carry over into many of their following games, such as Petz. This early game, however, failed in the marketplace due to Accolade's botched marketing.

PF Magic's designer and programmer, Andrew Stern, went on and created an experimental project with Michael Mateas along with others for five years. The project became Façade, a freeware game where you can interact with a couple whose 10-year marriage is in trouble.

The PF, for those that wondered, meant different things depending on who was asking. The crudest answer that may be most obvious to some may have been the correct one, as well.


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