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Super Chinese
The logo for Super Chinese.
Developer(s)Culture Brain, Taiyo System
Publisher(s)Namco, Culture Brain
Year introduced1984
Genre(s)Action, Role-playing, Fighting


All the games in the series were developed and released in Japan with an English title, simply translitterated (not translated) in Japanese katakana characters as a reading help for the players.

N. Original title Localized title Year Genre Systems
A1 Chinese Hero (arcade)
Super Chinese (NES)
Kung Fu Heroes 1984 Action Flag of Japan.svg Arcade
Globe.svg NES
A2 Super Chinese 2 Little Ninja Brothers 1989 Role-playing Globe.svg NES
B1 Super Chinese Land Ninja Boy 1990 Action Globe.svg GB
B2 Super Chinese Land 2 Ninja Boy 2 1990 Role-playing Globe.svg GB
C1 Super Chinese World Super Ninja Boy 1991 Role-playing Globe.svg SNES
A3 Super Chinese 3 - 1991 Role-playing Flag of Japan.svg NES
C2 Super Chinese World 2 - 1993 Role-playing Flag of Japan.svg SNES
B3 Super Chinese Land 3 - 1995 Role-playing Flag of Japan.svg GB
C3 Super Chinese World 3 - 1995 Role-playing Flag of Japan.svg SNES
D1 Super Chinese Fighter - 1995 Fighting Flag of Japan.svg SNES
D2 Super Chinese Fighter GB - 1996 Fighting Flag of Japan.svg SGB
D3 Super Chinese Fighter EX - 1999 Fighting Flag of Japan.svg GBC

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