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The Ninja Warriors
The logo for The Ninja Warriors.
Developer(s)Taito Corporation, Natsume, Natsume-Atari
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation, Romstar, Titus Software, ININ Games
Year introduced1987
Genre(s)Beat 'em up

The Ninja Warriors is a series of three beat 'em up games which were released by Taito Corporation and ININ Games between 1987 and 2019; they all focus on a group of android ninjas (the eponymous "Ninja Warriors"), who were a duo in the first game, a trio in the second one and a quintet in the third.

  • The Ninja Warriors (Arcade, 1987): The inceptive title in the series was licensed to Romstar for US manufacture and distribution; set in 1993 (which was six years in the future at the time), it followed the red-suited Kunoichi and blue-suited Ninja on a mission to destroy the evil dictator Bangler, who had not only seized power in the country of El Cabar, but was also a ruthless murderer who thought nothing of individual rights for free people, so the country's morale had quickly deteriorated and its deposed President contacted his friends in the Orient for assistance after being thrown out of office.
  • Ninja Warriors (SNES, 1994): Originally released in Japan as The Ninja Warriors Again, the second title for the series was developed by Natsume for Taito Corporation, and released seven years after the original; it again followed Kunoichi and Ninja, along with a new black-suited Warrior named Kamaitachi, on another mission to defeat Bangler. However, unlike the original, it did not allow two players to play simultaneously (in the US version, the green blood was also replaced with comic-book-style exclamations and the female enemies who fought with twin Katana swords were removed), and when the game came to the European Union in 1995, it was released by Titus Software under the name Ninja Warriors: The New Generation.
  • The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors (Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, 2019): Originally released in Japan under the name The Ninja Warriors Once Again, the third (and final) title in the series was developed by Natsume-Atari and released by ININ Games twenty-five years after the second one (which it was a remake of, and unlike it, two players could play it simultaneously); it once again followed Kunoichi, Ninja, and Kamaitachi, along with two new unlockable Warriors (a white-suited one named Yaksha and a dark blue one named Raiden) on a third mission to defeat Bangler. To unlock Yaksha, a player would have to finish the game's one-player mode for a first time on any difficulty (doing so would also unlock an "Arcade" music mode), and to unlock Raiden, they had to finish it a second time, again on any difficulty (doing this would also unlock an "Again" music mode).

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