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Cloak & Dagger control panel.jpg
  • Joysticks: Use the two 8-way joysticks to direct Agent X around each floor and fire shots at the enemies; however, a forklift shall deflect them back.
  • Igniter Button: Use this button when Agent X is standing close to a bomb, to ignite its fuse; however, he must reach the elevator before it explodes.
  • 1 or 2 Player Buttons: Push these buttons to begin a 1 or 2 player game.


Agent X[edit]

CAD Agent X.png

This Inspector Clouseau lookalike is the protagonist of the game (however, the resemblance to Clouseau is clearer while he is in an elevator); he is on a mission to destroy the secret underground bomb factory of the evil scientist Dr. Boom (and recover the top-secret plans that he stole from him at the start of the game) which is located thirty-three storeys under a pine tree. The player must direct Agent X from one side of each floor to the other while collecting unarmed explosives for extra points, secret maps to reveal a safe path through every fourth floor, and mystery boxes for more extra points, increases in speed and extra lives, but they can also decrease his speed - and he must also watch out for armed explosives, robot guards, invulnerable forklifts, and tongue-sticking crawling eyes, as he shall lose a life every time he is hit by one of them (or does not reach the elevator before the bomb in the centre of a floor explodes). Every fourth floor is a minefield, and on each of the three floors before it, Agent X must collect a secret map which will reveal part of the safe path through it (if he does not collect all three, only part of the path will be revealed); some floors also feature acid pits, bomb converters (which shall convert unarmed explosives to armed ones as they pass through them, making the exact amounts of both types on those floors indeterminate), and box compressors (which will kill Agent X if they crush him). On the thirty-third and last unique floor, Agent X will meet up with Dr. Boom himself - and the top-secret plans are surrounded by a ring of eight electrical nodes which must all be destroyed before he can recover them.


There are five types of enemies for the first half of this game; Robot Guards attack by firing shots at Agent X and are worth 50 points (when asleep) or 200 points (when awake), while Forklifts are invulnerable, and will deflect Agent X's shots back at him, Crawling Eyes attack by sticking their tongues out at Agent X and are worth 1000 points, Dr. Boom will appear on Floors 16, 20, 24, 32, and 33 to throw two bombs at Agent X before getting into the next elevator and is worth 50000 points (but even if you kill him he shall be resurrected for his next reappearance), and Electrical Nodes surround the top-secret plans on Floor 33 and are worth 200 points (but, in the second half, if you revisit a floor where the bomb had exploded on the way down, the hole where it was shall have a new, flying type of Electrical Nodes emerging from it, which are worth 1000 points). However, if you revisit a floor where the bomb had not exploded on the way down, a "superguard" shall emerge from the elevator to join the pursuit of Agent X - and it is worth 2000 points. Killing a Robot Guard or a Flying Node also adds 100 points to the current level's Fuse Bonus while killing a Crawling Eye or a "superguard" adds 200.


There is also five types of items in the game; Unarmed Explosives are worth 10 points (when shot) or 100 points (when collected), while Secret Maps will reveal part of the safe path through each fourth floor when collected, Armed Explosives are worth 50 points when shot (but cannot be collected as they will explode and kill Agent X if he touches them), Extra Boxes will give Agent X an extra life when collected (he will also receive one every 30,000 points by default), and Mystery Boxes are worth 200-1800 points and the random effects of a speed increase, an extra life, or a speed decrease when collected. Collecting an Unarmed Explosive (or a Mystery Box) or shooting an Armed Explosive also adds 100 points to the current level's Fuse Bonus.