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Name Description
Attack Up Physical damage increased
Boss Slayer Dmg increased vs bosses
Burn Guard Immune to blaze effects
Dark Guard Immune to darkness effects
Defense Up Physical defense increased
Flare Burst deal damage on activation
Flesh Slayer Dmg increased vs soft foes
Focus MP loss from Bursting is halved
Hi-Lv Slayer Dmg increased vs higher-Lv foes
Low-Lv Slayer Dmg increased vs lower-Lv foes
Mind Up Magic attack & defense increased
Piety Up Max MP increased
Poison Guard Immune to poison effects
Regeneration HP recovers while Bursting
Shock Guard Immune to shock effects
Speed Up Movement speed increased
Stone Guard Immune to petrify effects
Super Armor No knockbacks while Bursting
Tank Slayer Dmg increased vs armored foes
Ultimate Unblockable attacks while Bursting
Undead Slayer Dmg increased vs undead foes
Vitality Up Max HP increased


Name V P A D M S Effect
Arche 6 Vitality Up
Dominions 11 2 Vitality Up
Archangel 2 1 Piety Up
Dynames 7 2 -2 Piety Up
Dyanmes 7 Piety Up
Cherub 12 2 -2 Piety Up
Minotaur 5 Attack Up
Minotaur 3 7 -5 Attack Up
Cerberus 13 -8 5 Attack Up
Pegasus 15 Defense Up
Phoenix 2 7 Defense Up
Phoenix 7 2 Defense Up
Phoenix 2 7 Defense Up
Pixie 3 Mind Up
Oberon 8 Mind Up
Oberon -4 4 8 Mind Up
Unicorn 4 Speed Up
Sunburst 4 16 Flare
Saturn Super Armor
Venus Ultimate
Uranus 18 -40 Ultimate
Jupiter Focus
Mercury 8 Focus
Moon Regeneration
Pluto 4 Regeneration