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TGCD X68000 PS1 NGPC Action
Neutral dpad 8
Neutral dpad Neutral control Move
II button XF1 Square button A button Shoot
hold II button hold XF1 Square hold hold A button Magic
I button XF2 Cross button B button Bomb
hold I button hold XF2 Cross hold hold B button Launch Silk
hold II button+I button hold XF1+XF2 Square hold+Cross hold hold A button+B button Combination Magic
Select button Start button Option button Pause


Switch PS4 Xbox Windows Action
Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick  ↑ 
Y button Square button X button Z Shot + Bomb
B button Cross button A button X Magic
X button Triangle button Y button C Fever
L button L1 button LB button A Menu Page Left
R button R1 button RB button D Menu Page Right
Plus button Options button Menu button Esc Pause