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Shining Fighter[edit]

Gun Magnum
Bomb Geo Trap
Pod Satellite H
Legs Formula

This setup will change over time and depending on the course, but it's basic and packs powerful hits. Counters aerial fighters as well.

Little Raider[edit]

Gun Sniper
Bomb Geo Trap
Pod Sky Freeze / Satellite H
Legs Formula

Robin is the fastest Robo in the entire game. Sonic Circuit also gives an additional speed boost when you run with the moving pads. The Sniper is for precise hits, and is powerful despite the Little Raider's taking away some strength. It still knocks down Lightning Skies in one blow, which is helpful. It also out-speeds Metal Grapplers greatly, and can dish out damage from afar. It's an overall hard strategy to beat. The biggest bonus is how your opponent will see you. When running with Neutral dpad, you will move too fast for the game to transfer your motion to the opponent. So it creates a mini lag for as long as you're running. That doesn't mean the game won't adjust, it just takes a few seconds to catch up. This will keep it from being abused, but it's still the only thing that creates a loophole on W-Fi.

Battle Styles[edit]

Pure robos are used in more than 50% of games or two times the next most used type. Impure are any one type.

Style Robo Type
Peerless Master Chick Pure
Champion Chick Impure
Breathtaking Aerial Beauty Both
Wild Child Burning Beast Impure
Furry Fury Burning Beast Pure
Get Off My Lawn! Old-Timer Impure
When I was Your Age? Old-Timer Pure
Veteran Metal Grappler Impure
Last Man Standing Metal Grappler Pure
Man of the Hour Metal Grappler Impure
Lazy Bum Big Boy Pure
Buffet Bandit Big Boy Impure
Indomitable Little Raider Pure
Nettling Little Raider Impure
Dashing Little Sprinter Pure
Nimble Little Sprinter Pure
Fleet Little Sprinter? Impure
Ruffian Little Sprinter
Mystic Trick Flyer Impure
Unforgettable Sassy Stunner Impure
Thunderbolt Lightning Sky Impure
Scorcher Lightning Sky? Pure
Clean Sweeper Strike Vanisher Pure
True Grit Strike Vanisher Impure
Shining Shining Fighter Impure
Flashy Shining Fighters Pure
Vandal Illegal
Sparkling Shining Fighter
Renegade Illegal
Rabid Weasel Burning Beast
Rabid Weasel Little Raider
Blazing Ray Mk II Impure
High Rider Javelin

Miscellaneous Styles:

Style Type
Rising Star Less than 10 battles
Total Loser Low win to loss ratio
Grizzled Commander Between 1000 and 1100 battles