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Warning: The PC version has a misprint on the controls: the throttle up and down controls are reversed.

Xbox 360 PC PS3 Action
 ↑  Thrust (throttle) up
 ↓  Thrust (throttle) down
S Pitch up (climb)
W Pitch down (descend)
A Roll left
D Roll right
LB button Yaw left
RB button Yaw right
A button space Fire weapon (drop torpedo, fire rockets, etc.)
B button Left Ctrl Fire guns
Left dpad Right dpad Q E Select weapon
X button Right Ctrl Next target
Y button Delete Next objective target
Back button Tab Multiplayer scoreboard
L button Numpad 0 Reflex mode (slows time)
Up dpad Page up Zoom
Down dpad Page down Look behind
V Toggle View
Unbound Warspeed (turbo)