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Control Action
Neutral dpad / Neutral lstick Walk/Run/Adjust Camera(Look Mode)
L2 buttonR2 button Strafe Left/Right/Sidestep along wall
L2 buttonR2 button + Square button Side Jump Left/Right
Double Tap Back Quick 180-degree turn
L1 button Crouch
L1 button + L2 button Roll while crouching
Cross button/Press Left Analog Stick Fire Weapon
Circle button Use Item
Square button Jump
Triangle button/Push Right Stick Look Mode
R1 button(against wall) Sneak along wall
Start button Pause/Display Pause Menu
Select button Inventory/Ojectives
D-Pad/Right Analog Stick Target enemies in the crosshairs (in look mode)
L2 buttonR2 button Zoom in/out with sniper rifle