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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse
Year released2002
System(s)Nintendo GameCube
Preceded byMagical Tetris Challenge
Followed byDisney's Hide and Sneak
SeriesMagical Quest
Rating(s)ESRB Everyone
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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse is a point-and-click adventure video game exclusively for the Gamecube. You play as Mickey Mouse, as he explores the mirror world. The player can guide Mickey to where he should go, what to do, and how to solve certain obstacles.


An opening cutscene shows Mickey asleep in his bed. Suddenly, a mirror begins to shake and glows, revealing a ghost. The ghost beckons a dream version of Mickey, and he follows. Mickey enters through the mirror, and falls into a room with doors. After a series of comical events, Mickey manages to pass through the correct door into a room with a giant mirror. The mirror shows the real Mickey still sleeping in his bedroom. As the dream Mickey attempts to enter through the mirror again, the ghost suddenly appeared and breaks the mirror into pieces. The pieces are scattered throughout different areas. Mickey must now search for all of the necessary mirror shards in order to get back home.

Table of Contents


Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse/Table of Contents