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Outside the Cage[edit]

  • Character: Donkey
  • Difficulty: Easy

On your first visit to Jungle Japes, you will have to rescue Diddy Kong while you're there. Just outside his cage is a golden banana, free for the picking.

From the level entrance, climb the nearby palm tree and from the top, use the vines to swing to the far end of the path. At the far end, hit the switch: It will open a gate below. Jump down, and make your way through the newly opened tunnel.

At the far end of the tunnel is the main body of the Jungle level, where Diddy will call over during a cutscene on your first visit. He is somewhere on the mountain, and Donkey is the man (ape?) to climb it and bust him out! The foot of the mountain is surrounded by a pool of water. If you head counter-clockwise around it a little, you should be able to see a beanstalk running up the hillside. Jump into the water and swim over, climbing up the beanstalk.

Donkey will be just outside Funky's store, situated on the side of the mountain. Buying a weapon is necessary to free Diddy Kong, but not to collect this golden banana, so we will bypass this for now. Turn to face away from Funky's armory, and look out for a set of vines. Use these to swing across to another ledge, this one featuring a cannon. Walk right into the cannon, and Donkey will automatically be launched up, landing just outside Diddy's cage. That banana is right in front of you!

Rescue Diddy[edit]

  • Character: Donkey
  • Difficulty: Easy

This golden banana is inside Diddy Kong's cage on top of the mountain in Jungle Japes, and it ain't coming out until the cage is opened. Follow these steps to unlock Diddy Kong, as well as another golden banana.

First, make sure you have obtained the 'Outside the Cage' banana -- you can't get this one without it. Once Donkey grabs the bounty, three switches will appear throughout the level. These switches must be shot using a coconut gun, available for purchase at Funky's armoury for 3 coins. Backtrack to his store (see 'Outside the Cage') and pick it up. If you do not have the coins, they can be found in the tunnel near the entrance of the level.

Once left Funky's with your new weapon, walk over to the edge with the vines again (see 'Outside the Cage'). Stand at the very edge of the cliff, as close as you can without risking falling off the edge. Now, pull out your shooter, and use Up c to aim it.

Point the crosshair at the side of the mountain, and move down a bit. The switch is on the side of the mountain here. If you cannot shoot it from your current location, exit aiming mode and try again from a different spot. Shoot the switch.

With one down, come down from the mountain and return to the ground level. There are two switches left, and it is not important which order they are done.

On the left hand side of the level is a closed gate, with a coconut switch above it. This can be shot very easily if you are close enough to see it. However, there are Zingers flying around the area, and you will lose your aim if hit. It is recommended you dispatch them before attempting to activate the switch. Another alternative is to climb up a nearby tree and shoot the switch from there. Either way works.

The right hand side of the level is set out in a very similar way to the left. It even has a similar switch, which can be taken care of the same way you dealt with its brother on the left end.

Once all three switches are hit, Diddy's cage will open up. You can now play as Diddy Kong, (just jump into a tag barrel to change) and he left that golden banana in his cage for you to collect.

Yellow Blueprint #1 and Purple Blueprint #1[edit]

  • Character: Donkey/Tiny
  • Difficulty: Easy

Once you've opened Diddy Kong's cage, enter the door on the left hand side of the level. There should be a Kasplat there with yellow hair. Have Donkey defeat him and pick up the blueprint, then return to Snide at the top of the mountain where you freed Diddy Kong (he is on the cliff above Funky's Armory) to turn it in. Be sure to come back once you've freed Tiny and get her Blueprint from the purple-haired Kasplat that's just past the yellow-haired one.

Barrel Blast Game[edit]

  • Character: Donkey
  • Difficulty: Easy, but possibly time consuming

Remember the door above the water that you opened while freeing Diddy? Go through it, making sure to get the "4" pad. Enter the cave, go the route that doesn't have vines. Run past the beaver and you will be in a stormy area. Hit the "4" pad there, then enter Cranky's lab and buy the potion if you have enough money. (If Diddy has enough money, he should buy Chimpy Charge here as well.) Go to the 4-pad to teleport out of the stormy area.

Back at the mountain, there is a special pad on the right-hand side of the level. Climb up a tree and jump across some vines to get to it. Press Z button like Cranky told you to enter a barrel blast minigame. Shoot from barrel to barrel until you reach the Golden Banana. Shoot at it and you will collect it.

Red Blueprint #1[edit]

  • Character: Diddy
  • Difficulty: Easy

Go into the cave mentioned above. Remember when I said to go to the route that doesn't have vines? Well, this time, go the route that has vines. Get across the pit to the Kasplat with red hair. Take it down, then pick up the Blueprint and take it back to S. Nide.


  • Character: Donkey
  • Difficulty: Trivial

Behind Cranky's Lab is a coconut switch. Open it, and you can get the contents behind the gate, including Rambi.

Rambi can be used to smash the four huts in the area, one of which contains a DK button. Pounding this button will reveal a golden banana in the starting area.

Also with Rambi, you can head back into the tunnel, and take the first turn left. Smash down the wall will open up a small section containing a banana fairy, and a few other items to be handled later.

Army Dillo[edit]

  • Character: Donkey

Army Dillo is the first boss, and should be a warmup. There are three sections to this fight:

  1. He will open by attacking from the fireball launchers. They are slow moving, and have no lead-ahead, thus they are easily dodged by rolling with Z button+B button.
  2. After launching enough fireballs, he will peek out of his shell. Quickly move to the TNT barrel in the middle of the arena, and throw it at him.
  3. He will curl up, and roll towards you. He may be slightly faster than normal movement, but the DK's roll will still be faster.

Once Army Dillo is hit for the third time, he will flee, dropping one of K. Lumsy's keys.