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At the beginning of each level page in the walkthrough, you will see some stats. Here is an example:

  • Enemies: Klaptrap, Klump, Gnawty
  • Bonus Rooms: 3
  • Animal Helpers: Expresso
  • Animal Tokens: Rambi
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Extra Lives: 2
  • Level Warp: No
  • Hidden Cameras: 1
    • Below the G
  • Music: Simian Segue (Begins at Part 1)

Enemies means what types of enemies are in the level. Bonus room just tells you how many bonus rooms there are. Animal Helpers tells you what kinds of animals you can find in the level, if there are any. Animal tokens tells you what animal tokens (three of which take you to a bonus room) you can find in a level, outside of bonus rooms. Difficulty is a rating on how difficult the level is from one to ten, ten being the hardest. Extra lives tells you how many life balloons there are in the level. This does not include the KONG letters, Getting 100 Bananas, or jumping on eight enemies in a row. Level Warps are a barrel that warps you to the end of the level, found at the beginning of some levels. Hidden Cameras are pictures that you find hidden in most levels.