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Box artwork for Dream of Mirror Online.
Dream of Mirror Online
Publisher(s)Joypark, Gamania, Aeria Games, Goldensoft, Suba Games
Year released2005
SeriesSword of Xuan Yuan
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Dream of Mirror Online (often abbreviated as DOMO) is a social massively multiplayer online role-playing game styled after ancient Chinese mythology, and is the second online game of the Sword of Xuan Yuan series. It was created by Softstar, makers of the best-selling Chinese game The Legend of Sword and Fairy. It is published in Taiwan and mainland China by Joypark, in Japan by Gamania, in Thailand by Golden Soft, in Indonesia by Datakom Wijaya Pratama, PT, in North America by Aeria Games & Entertainment, Inc, and in Europe by Game Media Networks (Gametribe). The visual style is a combination of the Chinese design theme and cute, anime-style graphics, and the game places great emphasis on teamwork, socializing, and building relationships between players.


The central story of Dream of Mirror Online revolves around an artifact called the Kunlun mirror. It was created to record and copy everything in the real world, but an unknown event caused it to not work correctly. As a result, the reflection is imperfect and people's "delusions" have become monsters and other creatures when reflected in the mirror world. The many of the twelve Mirror Kings, rulers of the Mirror World, have disappeared and so the remaining Mirror Kings have summoned human beings from the real world (the players) to the Mirror World to help defeat these delusions.

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