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A town may have more than one dungeon area. When the player's character walks out of the screen, the player comes to a map with several dungeons available. The accessibility of hidden dungeons and higher level dungeons each require a special "epic quests" earned from an NPC in town and the clear status of lower level dungeons, respectively.

Battles take place in a player selected "dungeon" where a player starts off in a starting area "room," destroying monsters and collecting dropped items spoils. Upon destroying all enemies in a room, one or more doorways directed up, down, left, and right, leading out of the conquered room lights up to show its accessible. Through these the player enters a new room where more enemies are. The player may revisit any room cleared previously and cleared rooms remain enemy-less and any spoils dropped on the ground remain. Finally, the player may enter a specially lit doorway that flashes in a different color than normal doors. This is the gate to the dungeon boss, where normal monsters and the dungeon bosses lurk. The dungeon is cleared as soon as the moment the boss dies, and any monsters left alive instantly die along with their boss, their experience points automatically added up to the players, and drop whatever items they have are dropped. If a player leaves the dungeon before killing the boss, or dies in battle without using a continue coin, a countdown will start and the player will be exited out of the battle.

Upon the Death of the Boss[edit]

When the Boss dies, the screen reverts to a blue "stage final scores" screen where the player is shown the scores of Technique bonuses (score total of: overkill, counters, and back attacks), Style Bonuses (aerial, 5+ combos, or union attacks), and Dodge Bonuses. (The lesser times hit by an enemy, the higher the score) The totals add to give the player a rank from F to SSS. (F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS.) The player may receive extra bonus experience points according to if the player character cleared the stage with the rank B or higher, with party members, played within a licensed internet cafe, has a special event going on, etc. These bonuses are cumulative. The total score adds to the character's experience points. So, the higher rank you get, the more experiences you can achieve.

Then the player gets to choose a reward card from the spoils pile. There will always be eight cards, four on top and four on the bottom. The ones on the bottom cost gold to purchase. Each person may only choose one card from each side and the other players may see what other people were rewarded. Rewards consist of two parts: gold and one item - a weapon, equip, or recipe. (sometimes there are no items and sometimes there is no gold) There is a 3 second countdown for the reward selection screen, and after the countdown is up the cards are chosen by the order of party members.

When the score and reward screen is gone a campfire is automatically generated in the boss room. This campfire has no effects whatsoever to the player except for visual appeal. However from the person next to the campfire, you may sell your items or fix broken items. The boss room gates remain closed, but players are free to pickup unspoiled items and whatever they want to do before they either choose to leave the dungeon safely to town, choose a different dungeon from the same area map, or retry the same dungeon (starting with full hp and mp; and all items and experiences are NOT reset.


A minimap to the top right corner of the screen shows the room layout of the dungeon. Unvisited places are not marked, and accessible but not yet visited places are marked with a flashing question mark, once you clear the room. In the minimap, boss rooms appear as a red head, the hell boss room appears as a purple head, and normal rooms show the directions of the gates to the next rooms.

Fatigue Points[edit]

You start with 156 fatigue points, and after each room of a dungeon you lose one of them. After all 156 fatigue points are used you can't enter any dungeons until 6:00 AM PST the next day, they cannot be healed like frustration points.


Champion monsters look like normal monsters, but are marked with a special aura emanating around them and a specially colored name above them and their special status or special abilities. (example: Icy Tau Guard, Freezes upon attack) Champions are not that much harder to take on than normal monsters, but they do have extra hp and their levels maybe higher than normal ones. Upon death, a picture of a good luck sack/charm appears next to the minimap in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and a number next to it showing how many mutated monsters killed. More Champion monsters killed will result in better rewards when the dungeon is cleared.

Difficulty levels[edit]

When a player clears a dungeon and scores the appropriate rank, he gains access to the next difficulty level for that dungeon. Dungeons of more difficulty levels can be selected by clicking on the arrows underneath a dungeon icon. The second level of difficulty is labeled as "Expert's Road" (pass Normal), the 3rd level "Master's Road" (receive a B on Expert), and the 4th level "King's Road" (receive an S on Master). Higher difficulty results in monsters with more hp, higher attack, higher aggression, and more chances for a player to miss their attacks. Higher difficulty results in more experience.