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Box artwork for Emi's Hot Strip Game.
Box artwork for Emi's Hot Strip Game.
Emi's Hot Strip Game
Developer(s)Super Pig
Publisher(s)Hacker International
Year released1988
System(s)Family Computer Disk System
Japanese titleエミちゃんの燃えろ 野球拳
ModesSingle player
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Emi's Hot Strip Game (エミちゃんの燃えろ 野球拳 Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken?) is an unlicensed release for the Family Computer Disk System, published by Hacker International and developed by Super Pig. Like other Super Pig titles, the game rewards successful players with images of scantily-clad and/or nude women. In this case, the object is to play the title character Emi in a game of janken, i.e. a series of rock-paper-scissors contests in which the losing player removes an item of clothing after each turn.


Gameplay consists entirely of a series of rock-paper-scissors contests, played against Emi and her animal protectors (who intercede on Emi's behalf to delay the player). If the player wins, Emi removes an item of clothing; if the player loses, he removes an item of his own clothing. A tie, however, results in Emi putting back on an item of clothing she had removed.


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At the end of the game, Emi alludes to a hidden code ("secret options" in the English translation) which allows the player to see an additional screen. That hidden code, which should be entered once the screen says "Game over", is as follows:

Up dpad Down dpad Left dpad Right dpad Down dpad Left dpad Up dpad Right dpad A button Up dpad Down dpad Right dpad Left dpad Down dpad Left dpad Up dpad Right dpad Start button