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You begin in an overview of Rio. Your available destinations are:


Click on the beach on the island.

You come to the beach automatically during a fight.

From there, you can click on the left buildings (Hotel) or the right buildings (Casino).

If you click on the yacht, the captain will talk to you. Say that you are looking for adventure and he will offer you a job and a necklace.


You can visit the Favela by clicking on the white smoke-like shape on the island.

Here you can buy some trinkets. If you bother the two men on the left they will attempt to rob you and you are sent to the beach in an arcade sequence.


You leave by clicking on the 'EXIT' above the door.

Here you can play roulette and gain some money.

You can pick up the woman in front of the counter on the left. You can say Would you like... and Your legs.... After the intercourse you lose 800-8-3 points.

From the girl on the right you can buy a cigar for 500 (if you click on the right spot on her tray). If you have the medallion, you can offer the cigar to the man standing by the table. He will take you to the Favela and give you a statue.


You can talk to the barman. For 200 he will tell you about a woman visiting the hotel named Xica, who loves luxury. He does not know yet for Emmanuelle's next stop.

Occasionally, a woman will be there. If you pick her up she will give you a drink that will restore your energy.

Talking to the porter you can either return back to the island view, or the airport.