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When you first reach the planet of Calypso, you will be released into the city of Port Atlantis. From here, you can do any of the following:

  • Explore (become familiar with the area)
  • Interact (talk to the citizens of Port Atlantis)

As you explore, especially in uninhabited regions, you will come across the various creatures of the Entropia Universe. Now, you are probably going to be tempted to try an attack upon the creature. This is a death sentence unless you have previously used a credit card to purchase PED (the currency of Calypso).

For now, until you acquire a weapon of some sort, you have the option of either:

  • Running for it (do you really feel like dying?)
  • Gather Vibrant Sweat (soon to be explained)

Should you choose to run, you will probably have great difficulty at escaping until your evasion and agility skills have been improved.

Your second option, the gathering of Vibrant Sweat, will probably be your primary means of cash at first in the game (unless you have purchased via credit card).

Acquiring Vibrant Sweat[edit]

The gathering of Vibrant Sweat can be boring but profitable for the Entropia pioneer. In order to begin your quest to milk every last drop of sweat from that creature that you stumbled upon, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Right click on the target, and select Gather Sweat.
  2. Wait for your avatar to power his Mindforce.
  3. Repeat step one.
  4. Remain as close as possible to the target without being attacked.
  5. If successful, run away and find a new target, if not, try again if you like.

On average, Vibrant Sweat will sell to other players from anywhere from .45 to .55 per 100 sweat bottles. I know this doesn't seem like much, but give it time, and you can use your hard-earned funds to invest in some equipment. Then, you'll hopefully start to rake in the real cash.

Don't be too concerned if the creature stomps you flat and kills you. It isn't a permanent condition and you will begin collecting those all important skill points. In the lower-left portion of your screen you will notice green lettering telling you of your improving skills. The more skill points, the more efficient you become.

Be persistent. Do not stop sweating a creature until you get a message telling you the creature is either in a condition where it cannot be sweated further or damaged, or that the creature has no more sweat. Be aggressive.

Real Estate[edit]

Housing and land can be purchased from other players, or auctions. When you make the purchase, you will be given the deed. From this point, you must locate a Real Estate Terminal to claim your house/land.

Some houses, mainly apartments, will not have any land at all. This is gradually less profitable to the owner, because when you own bits of land, you may charge a hunting tax. Also, certain players may want to use your land to hold various events, which you may charge for them to use.