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Family Quiz 4-nin wa Rival
Box artwork for Family Quiz 4-nin wa Rival.
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Family Quiz 4-nin wa Rival (ファミリークイズ 4人はライバル? lit. Family Quiz 4 Man Rivalry) is a Japanese trivia game devloped by Athena for the Famicom, and published in Japan in November of 1988. This game was Athena's first console release. With a focus on family play, the game allows for four players to compete simultaneously. The goal is to beat the other opponents in four mini-games, each requiring that the player answer some Japanese trivia questions in order to proceed. The four mini-games are based on a game show, a board-game, the game of Othello, and a memory match game. In the game show, the only version that allows for just one player, answering questions correctly raises that player's podium towards a balloon. The other versions require at least two players, and turns may only be taken after players have answered a trivia question correctly.

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