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PlayStation Action
Triangle button Changes camera view.
Circle button Tail Slap attack on enemies and objects. Activates save points.
Cross button Swim forward (press repeatedly to go faster), Jumps when pointing out of the water, opens map on menu screens, and displays prey / lure collections on menu screen.
Square button Bites or starts discussions with other characters.
Neutral lstick Locks on to a specific prey or item and targets characters for conversations. Scrolls left through inventory menus.
Neutral rstick Makes Finny stay still to digest food faster and regain life. Scrolls right through inventory menus.
Neutral dpad or Neutral lstick Move Finny and selections in menus.
Neutral rstick, Neutral lstick or Neutral dpad Shakes prey for easier swallowing.
Start button Opens and closes menu screens.
Select button Toggles Mini Map on game screen.